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Olathe, Kansas
Member Since: November 2003 5 Year Distance Chart
2018 Miles Traveled: 2,370
2018 Rank: # 396 of 1,934 riders
(includes indoor rides)
Lifetime Odometer: 78,508 miles

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They call me the commuterDude. I commute to work by bike, and I'm a randonneur. I love long days in the saddle working hard towards a mileage goal; it's an adventure and a self-defining challenge that molds and shapes the way I approach and handle other aspects of my life. Whatever the ride, however, I keep in the back of my mind that I am miles and miles away from the unhealthy person I used to be, and that my life is better because of bicycling. All I need to put a smile on my face is a long piece of good pavement and some pedals to turn.

For scattered observations from the saddle, tales of commuting and randonneuring, visit

I'd be honored if you'd stop by, and take a read.
Thanks! See you on the road!
click to enlarge 2015 Retrospec AMOK v2
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  Gravel Meat-Grindaah!

2018 Odometer: 1,769.5 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 7,095.4 miles

700 x 38C Specialized Trigger Pro, front, 283 miles
700 x 38C Specialized Trigger Pro, rear, 2,830 miles
generic **RIM** HED Belgium Plus 32h -FRONT- 9 speed, 1,719 miles
generic *PEDALS* Shimano PD-M770 XT single speed, 21,856 miles
Shimano *Cassette* XT CS-771; 11-34T 9 speed, 1,397 miles
Shimano *SADDLE* Brooks C-17 carved #2 (black) 9 speed, 4,760 miles
generic _Chainring_ Origin8 SS 40t black 110/130bcd 9 speed, 4,792 miles
generic **RIM** HED Belgium Plus 32h -REAR- (June 2018) 9 speed, 283 miles
generic Schmidt SON hub (2002 model) single speed, 34,723 miles
KMC X9.99 chain 9 speed, 1,397 miles
generic *FRAME* Retrospec AMOK v2 (2015) single speed, 7,095 miles
generic *headlight* Lumotec Cyo T Premium single speed, 12,651 miles
Shimano *HUB* Ultegra 6800 Rear (June 2018)* 9 speed, 283 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Kogswell Model P
Road bike
Description:  "Monarch II" -- A tradition of how-it-should-be-done brought to life in this fine lugged steel frameset from Kogswell Cycles in Minnesota. Kirk Pacenti lugs, ECO-brand thin-wall butted cro-mo tubing. Every bit as light as a racing frame, but with special touches only a randonneur can appreciate; the perfect all-rounder! Continuing the namesake, from my fabled RTR 2002 journey up Monarch Pass in Colorado, it is a rolling tribute to self-discovery and the thrill of finishing. Many miles covered; many, MANY more to come. Fully ready with fenders, rack, lights - it's the daily grinder and brevet machine.

2018 Odometer: 600.1 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 39,789.0 miles

700 x 28C Specialized Roubaix Pro, front, 579 miles
700 x 28C Specialized Roubaix, rear, 2,377 miles
Shimano *HUB* Ultegra 6800 Rear (2014) 9 speed, 7,565 miles
Shimano Brake Cable HOUSING single speed, 4,698 miles
generic *RIM* Mavic CXP-33 black -FRONT- single speed, 4,521 miles
generic Shift Cable WIRE 9 speed, 7,865 miles
Shimano *CASSETTE* CS-6500 12-27 9 speed, 579 miles
Shimano _Chainring_ Origin8 road dbl 48t black OUTER 130bcd 9 speed, 579 miles
generic *FRAME* Kogswell Model-P single speed, 38,870 miles
generic Brake Cable WIRE single speed, 4,698 miles
generic *RIM* Mavic CXP-33 black -REAR- single speed, 7,565 miles
generic ** B+M IQ-X headlight ** single speed, 4,501 miles
KMC X9.99 chain 9 speed, 579 miles
Shimano *PEDALS* Shimano PD-A600 road SPD single speed, 8,206 miles
generic Schmidt SON28 hub (2015 model) single speed, 4,521 miles
generic _Chainring_ Origin8 road dbl 38t black INNER 130bcd 9 speed, 579 miles
generic *SADDLE* Brooks C-17 carved #1 (tan) single speed, 4,644 miles
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