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TEAM in Training
 spinit member offline
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Hat City Cyclists
posted 6/7/2006
at 7:50:02 AM
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I am just wondering how many TNT members there are here, and what events they are participating in. With bad knees, hips, and back. Running is absolutly out of the question so, I am doing the Seacoast Century in New Hampshire on Oct. 6. BTW I have never done a century but I hope that will be at least my second one.

 Rockhound76 member offline
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Space City Cycling Club click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/7/2006
at 9:11:49 AM
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I'm not "officially" in TNT, but I ride for the LLSA as a member of the HPD Relay Team and I'm also with the Advisory Board of the Gulf Coast Chapter.

TNT is a great program and it is designed for riders just like you. Most new TNT members have never done a century, ran a marathon or competed as a triathlete.

The program is perfect for newbies.

Early last year, I had the pleasure of making a few training rides with new TNT'ers getting ready for America's Most Beautiful Bicycle Ride (AMBBR) in Lake Tahoe. For some of them, it was their first road riding of any type and the training regimin was set up just for them. Some of the cyclists were on MTB's and some on hybrids. One guy I remember was wearing a football helmet (I think they loaned him an approved helmet before the ride). One or two had health or mobility issues and several were leukemia or lymphoma survivors/patients.

Training sessions were short at first, with lots of feedback and discussions regarding riding technique and safety. All the training rides had SAG support and all of them had mentors to help other riders along. ALL of these sessions were led by a licensed USA Cycling coach. IF you are capable of getting ready, these folks will get you ready. If you are not (rare), they'll let you know.

Last summer, I got to ride with the TNT group a final time in Lake Tahoe, as a participant in AMBBR (I missed it this year--last week, in fact). They did great and everyone had a wonderful time.

I highly recommend the program for first-timers and seasoned riders alike. I also highly recommend America's Most Beautiful Bicycle Ride as a great first Century. Finally, it goes without saying that the money goes to a great cause...one that is near and dear to my heart.

 Thorn member offline
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Secular Cycleism click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/7/2006
at 9:22:38 AM
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I did the Santa Fe Century for TNT in 2000. Had a ball. I highly recommend it for a motivator for folks new to the sport. Even though I was already a serious cyclist, the riding, coaching, and friendship improved my cycling. Plus, raising money for cancer research is a good thing. If you haven't participated with TNT, think about doing so.

Let me add: I still ride with some of the ol' TNTeamates from 2000.
post edited on 6/8/2006 at 9:11:03 AM

 maillotpois member offline
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Amici Veloci click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/7/2006
at 10:16:36 PM
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My husband and I coach for the TNT cycle program in Northern CA. He just coached the Tahoe ride and now will coach the Honolulu Century. I am coaching a group of TNT coaches to do the Death Ride. I have been involved with TNT since 1999, and we started coaching cycling in 2001. It's a great program and riding with and getting to know some of our honored patients gives us a lot of inspiration.

 hamphi member offline
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Cycle Sport
posted 5/13/2010
at 9:12:31 PM
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Hey all you TEAM IN TRAINING people. I have been with TEAM for 6 years including Seagull Century (Maryland) and America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride (Tahoe). Currently training and raising funds for Honolulu Century. It is a great program and can offer a life changing experience to any one who runs, swims or bikes. If you really want to make a difference, contact TEAM IN TRAINING.
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