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Question about rim/tire sizes
 CDHunter1971 member offline
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Crashers click to learn more about premier membership
posted 3/24/2012
at 7:31:13 PM
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Ok, here is the deal. I bought an old Bridgestone mb5 a while back out of a junk yard. It was pretty much ready to go once I put tubes and tires on it. Turns out it was VERY comfortable to ride. But it has mountain bike tires on it. I looked up Kenda street tires, and noticed they are 26x1.5 inch. Ok, are those going to fit on the mountain bike rims, or will it be a different rim? I have an old 10-speed that has 26x1-3/8 tires on it, and know that the rim is a different size and all. I am just having trouble figuring out what to order.

 Thorn member offline
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posted 3/24/2012
at 7:47:04 PM
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That tire should be fine. To be sure, look at the numbers on the side of the old and new tires which will indicate the rim size. For more info, go google " Sheldon Brown tire sizes"

That MB 5 is a nice bike. Congrats on the find.

 maschwab member online
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 3/24/2012
at 7:53:16 PM
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Rule #1. A tire or rim sized in Fractions is a different size than a tire or rim sized in Decimals.

Rule #2: Trust ISO (ETRTO) sizes. This is a 2 digit width in MM, a dash, and a 3 digit diameter in MM. The three digits MUST MATCH or the tire bead will not catch the hook on the rim. The width can vary some.

 rschlump member offline
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Tommasini Sintesi
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posted 3/24/2012
at 7:56:04 PM
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The 26X1.5 will work just fine. There is no fit issue with changing the original 26X{whatever} to the narrower street tire.
My old '93 Stumpjumper has 26X1.95 dirt tires and I use to switch them for 1.5 when I'd street ride it with the family. I finally broke down and had some street wheels built for it and keep the 26X1.5 semi-slicks on those wheels now. I still move a set of semi-slick 26X15 set of tires back and forth on the wife's bike depending on where we/she is going riding (paved or gravel path).
post edited on 3/24/2012 at 7:47:01 PM

 Fullylugged member offline
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Montgomery (AL) Bicycle Club
posted 3/25/2012
at 7:00:09 PM
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There are a number of good 26" street tires you can use. The rim size is 559mm. I have Panaracer Pasela 1 1/2" (the kevlar bead is very light, the steel bead is heavier) on just such a wheelset and some Schwalbe Marathon Plus 1 1/2" (heavier, but okay for grocery getter duty and very bad pavement) on another. Like yours an old Bridgestone in fact.

 BlazingPedals member offline
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'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 3/26/2012
at 8:54:49 AM
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26x1 3/8 is NOT the same size as a standard mountain bike 26" wheel, which is ISO 559 and is designated by decimal widths. See Maschwab's reference to the Sheldon brown article on tires. What you've got is probably either 590 or 597 rims. Not even close.

edit: Edit: Sorry, I mis-read the question. The 26x1.5 on the MB5 will be a standard mountain bike size, whether road or off-road tread is used.
post edited on 3/26/2012 at 7:50:55 PM
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