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Sub-category: Health & Fitness
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MAKOplasty anyone?
 jeffsdale member offline
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Member since: Jun 2011
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Masi 3VC
Road bike
posted 1/25/2012
at 5:47:35 AM
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Has anyone had this procedure done to either knee? I'm 47 and very likely a candidate. I've had my knee scoped twice over the last 10 years.

 rschlump member offline
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Tommasini Sintesi
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posted 1/26/2012
at 7:05:08 AM
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Haven't had it done but always looking for a "better" knee solution. I had mine scoped in the 80's and the left one has never returned to what I'd call normal. So I've been looking for a repair solution rather than a replacement. I found the MAKOplasty site helpful in an information sort of way. I also find the information on the Stone Clinic site useful.
Best of luck if you have to get the repair. And let us know how it works out if you do it.

 OpusthePoet member offline
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Oak Cliff Clyde
Cargo bike
posted 1/26/2012
at 3:35:34 PM
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When my knee was repaired after the wreck, back in 2002, the surgeon went through two 1cm incisions on either side of the kneecap and repaired the cartilage, ligaments (as much as could be done at that late date) and surfaced the kneecap. But then I was being a guinea pig for a new procedure (I was a lab rat even back then) using powerful traction to get the knee opened up enough for the arthroscope to get in. It had to be done under general anaesthesia because the feel of the leg being pulled was too scary for even a spinal block.


 jeffsdale member offline
Lifetime: 8,792 mi
Member No. 44939
Member since: Jun 2011
Home: Mwc, OK 
Masi 3VC
Road bike
posted 1/27/2012
at 6:52:32 AM
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Thanks for the input. My last scope was in 2008. This is also when I started cycling. After cycling for several months my knees were good enough to allow me to play just a little basketball and tennis. I'm fairly confident that if I give up everything except cycling I could get by without surgery for a few more years. I have an appointment here in OKC with a surgeon that does the MAKOplasty on Feb 1st. I'll let you know what happens next.
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