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7 flats in one day
 TRinJboro member offline
Lifetime: 70,407 mi
Member No. 3418
Member since: Sep 2004
Home: Jonesboro, AR 
Surly LHT
Touring Road bike
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Ridge Riders Athletic Club click to learn more about premier membership
posted 4/4/2010
at 8:11:52 AM
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We had 7 flats on our weekly Saturday Club Ride yesterday (there were 6 of us). Luckily we had plenty of co2 cartridges and spare tubes. It had rained earlier and it seemed most of them were caused by our wet tires picking up small stones. It finally got so bad it was comical. This has to be a record.

 raleighdon member not displaying online status  
Lifetime: 57,905 mi
Member No. 8138
Member since: Jun 2005
Home: Seattle, WA 
Davidson Custom (Katrina)
Road bike
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posted 4/4/2010
at 2:04:01 PM
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Don't tell HOWARD. He'll go out and get 8 just so he can hold the record.

 GlacierChaser member offline
Lifetime: 96,017 mi
Member No. 31845
Member since: Sep 2008
Home: Garland, TX 
Lynskey GR 250
Gravel Road bike
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Lone Star Randonneurs click to learn more about premier membership
posted 4/4/2010
at 2:07:14 PM
post #2 viewed 588 times
"With the rain you get flats and we had 8 flats and one
trashed tire."- from RTTurtle's fleche report on the LSR website. So you've done been beat.

 aTheophilus member offline
Lifetime: 28,583 mi
Member No. 12743
Member since: Feb 2006
Home: Fort Worth, TX 
Trek 5200
Road bike
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International Christian Cycling Club
posted 4/4/2010
at 4:57:16 PM
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about a week ago i had 5 in one ride, something in the rear tire i couldn't find? After the 5th flat i called a sag, no sense putting co2 in for a few miles. And yes i had co2 cos after the third flat i pumped as much as i could and rode to the lbs to get more, i carry 2. One rider 5 flats my personal record that i hope i NEVER repeat!
BTW my next moove was to buy a NEW rear tire, since then about 120 miles no flats.
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