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Well, I am ready for a ride today. I need some 29 miles to make it 100 for the week. Wonder if I will go that long.

One thing about riding for me at least; is that I never really know how it's going to feel on the bike until I ride that first mile. Sometimes I get on the bike, and I feel great; other times I know that it will be a shorter ride.

Will report back later.

Okay, I'm back from the ride, and I did it. Made the 100 for this week. In four days. Good on me.

The photo at right is of my two brothers and sister-in-law just before riding along the Provo River Trail in Utah. I put it up as sort of a test just to see how fast it took to upload from the desktop.

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It's always a couple of miles before I know how I feel. I've also learned that if I feel sore or tired from the previous day's ride, that I need to give it at least five miles before deciding anything. Ofter, everything works itself out and by the five mile point, I feel great.
posted by brucew on 8/16/2008 at 8:21:39 PM
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