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Time: 03:19:12 Route: Petco, OBR, SRT Distance: 37.51 miles
Avg Speed: 11.30 mph Max Speed: 29.20 mph Altitude Gain: 1,745 ft
Terrain: Road: Hills Bike: Surly Straggler Touring Club: Clydesdales
Weather Conditions: -- myWindsock Report -- Weather Impact: -2.1% Headwind: 45% @ 5.8-18.1mph Longest Headwind: 02h 40m 47s Air Speed: 11.2mph Temp: 72.4-75.5F Precip: 3% @ 0.08 Inch/hr
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 Frantic Cat Ride!!
Wow! What a crazy ride!. I'll try to remember everything that happened today. I rode the Surly from home to Cleveland Park and took the Laurens Road Bypass to McAlister Square then cut through Gower Estates to Henderson and took it across Laurens Road and through Velo Apartments to the Verdae Trail and followed it to Embassy Suites, where I cut across to the ICAR and took it to Petco on Woodruff Road.

At Petco things went in the tank. The three kittens that have been there for a while were still in the upper cage, while two very young kittens were in the lower cage. I got the two kittens out and discovered two of the cage doors weren't locked. One of them had runny eyes and was sneezing pretty hard, while the other was sneezing some. That's a sure sign of upper respiratory infection in kittens and they need vet care. I got out the book and discovered that there were three kittens in the lower cage, so now I have a kitten missing. I called Ralph to confirm that he had put in three and started looking for a missing kitten. Ralph was not answering, so I called Cindy and she didn't answer. So I called Angie, and she said that she would get ahold of Ralph or Cindy to come get the sick cat and figure out what happened to the cat. CIndy called me and said she'd be there in a half an hour and I told her that I hadn't started to clean up yet, so I would still be there. Then Ralph showed up and we went on a full out search for the missing kitten. We hunted all over the store then Ralph called the foster that brought in the cats and she told him that she had only brought in two of the three cats! Wow! What a frantic search we had for a missing kitten that never was there! But it was also a big relief! Then Ralph took the sick kitty to the vet and we will watch the other kitten for more signs of URI. I cleaned the cages and played with the kittens in the upper cage. I also talked with some potential adopters after I had cleaned the cages.

I left Petco and did a quick sweep of REI, then went to Whole Foods. I bought a loaf of bread and lunch. I had meatloaf in mushroom gravy, roasted green beans with broccoli and red pepper strips, and roasted baby carrots. I didn't buy a drink as I had two bottles on the bike.

I finished eating and took the back way out from Whole Foods then followed Carolina Way and Millennium to Fairforest Way. I took Ridge Road to East Parkins Mill and took Cleveland Extension where I ran into about a half mile of sprinkles. Then I took Cleveland Street where I got on the trail. I took my route where I drop back into the park where I met a very loud pickup pulling a trailer. I took my normal route out of there and climbed Cleveland Street to Camperdown to Falls Street then took Broad Street to Washington. I followed it then took my route to the Hampton Avenue Bridge and the Orange Line to Old Buncombe Road. I followed that to the old Union Bleachery neighborhood and took it to the Lakeview spur and back to the trail. I took the trail to the railroad car at Furman then turned back south. I followed the trail back to the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, where I stopped to use a free coffee and cookie card. I got a cup of coffee and a peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie that I took home for Cissi.

I left the cafe and rain into about a mile or two of light rain from Washington Street through the Commons area. I went through Falls Park into Cleveland Park. While in Falls Park I saw a man that I have seen several times at the BJU soccer games and stopped to talk to him. He has a daughter on the soccer team. I intend to look him up at the next game. I stopped at the zoo lot for a drink and I turned on my blinkies to ride in rush hour traffic and low light on Washington, Laurens, and East North Street. I really needed them on Hillside as well, as it was very busy during rush hour traffic. I made it home and it started raining as I was going down the driveway. I just beat the rain home!


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