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Distance: 6.50 miles Route: Rock Cut Time: 00:00:00
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Club: Secular Cycleism
Weather Conditions: Cloudy. 51.
Ride Description: Sue and I went to Rock Cut, to test ride 2012 Giant Anthem X 29er 0 mountain bikes.
Nice bikes.

Distance: 5.50 miles Route: Rock Cut Time: 00:43:32
Avg Speed: 7.58 mph Max Speed: 17.00 mph Avg HR: 0 bpm
Max HR: 0 bpm Calories Burned: 0 Weight: 193
Altitude Gain: 0 ft Terrain: Off: XC Bike: Salsa Mukluk Fat
Club: Secular Cycleism
Weather Conditions: Cloudy. 54.
Ride Description: W/Sue...
Her first ride on Sue's new Pugsley.
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 Resistance Is Futile.
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Today, the Giant (bikes) factory truck was at the local State Park with a trailer full of bikes to test ride. Sue has ridden and been wanting a full squish 29er for a while, and this was the perfect chance to see how the Giant brand rides on the local trails.
We both rode 2012 Anthem X 29er 0, Full Suspension bikes.

Soon after we hit the singletrack, we could tell these bikes were special. We both loved the bikes, and when we get to the truck Sue asks how much they cost. The guy says $3900. A few seconds after she recovered from the sticker shock, she turns to me and says, is the bike shop in Dekalb open today? I want to buy a Mukluk.

I was in complete shock. After all, I'm constantly asking her if she wants to ride my Mukluk, and to this day, she's only ridden it once, to the end of the driveway. I didn't think she was even interested in a Fat Bike.

So we head to NCC - North Central Cyclery in Dekalb Illinois, where I bought my Mukluk last December. These people love and ride Fat Bikes. And we were in luck. They just got a shipment of at least 6 Pugsleys, and had at least 5 or 6 Mukluks on the showroom floor, not counting the shop bikes. The fat was everywhere. This place is Fat Bike Heaven.

After test riding a 17" (Medium) Mukluk, (my size) she said she was stretched out too much. So she rode a 15" (Small) Mukluk, and she said it felt too "scrunched". So I said, try a Pugsley, the geometry is totally different, and they come in "in between" sizes. They had almost every size bike, so she hopped on a 16" Pugsley and rode it around a while. Bingo. Perfect fit.

After getting the bikes home, we went straight back to the park for a dirt ride. When we came to a loose, sand section of trail that is really sketchy on our "regular" mountain bikes, she was amazed how easily the fat tires floated over the sand in complete control. She loves it.

The next day, we went to Terry Andrae State Park near Sheboygan Wisconsin, for her first beach ride. The weather called for 70% chance of isolated thunderstorms, so we figured we had a 30% (plus the fact that they're usually wrong) chance of getting in at least a short ride.
Except for a short sprinkle near Elkhorn, the weather was dry for the one hour and fourty-five minute drive. Until we arrived. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, it started to rain. We tried to wait it out, but it just didn't let up.
We'll be back to try again.

Resistance is futile. She has been assimilated.

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