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Most of us are just ordinary folks who get this addiction to bicycles that simply will not live within the bounds of a summer. Others just don't want to spend the cash for a car and all the costs that come with motor vehicles. Some of us have serious personal commitments to being car-free, other have temporary problems of liquidity, and others of us just like cycling way more than any rational person should.

After the challenge of the first winter, icebiking takes on an air of normalcy, it becomes a practical and rational way to get out and enjoy the weather, and the trip.

Its an addiction. Handling a bike on ice requires more skill than summer riding, and plowing through snow is very tiring. The rewards are the beauty of the scenery, the quiet of the road on a frosty night, and the crunch of crisp snow under your tire. Making the first track!
2022 Miles Traveled: 0
23 club members, club admin: Kin
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2022 miles
1 ly2kw Vilnius, Lithuania Bike Friday Bike Friday New .. 0
2 BikePrincess Loveland, CO Club Hypoxia Rocky Mountain road 0
3 deadhead Loveland, CO Club Hypoxia Litespeed Teramo .. 0
4 Popeye Loveland, CO Club Hypoxia Schwinn Le Tour .. 0
5 Howard Parker, CO Club Hypoxia LeMond Zurich roa.. 0
6 jnatiw Canton, MI Club Hypoxia Giant TCR C1 road 0
7 Kin Stillwater, OK Club Hypoxia Cannondale R-200.. 0
8 Pedler Denver, CO Commuter Cycling Cen.. Gary Fisher Utop.. 0
9 siouxgeonz Urbana, IL Commuter Cycling Cen.. Giant Nutra cargo 0
10 philbike Cornfield, IN Commuter Cycling Cen.. Fuji Team Profes.. 0
11 seraye Jamaica Pla.., MA Commuter Cycling Cen.. custom built Ske.. 0
12 rdmurp Saint Paul, MN Commuter Cycling Cen.. Trek Pure road 392
13 Brewerhunt Denver, CO Denver Bicycle Touri.. Specialized Lang.. 0
14 longshanks Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Giant Roam 1 hard.. 0
15 OlleBear premier member Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Marin San Rafael DS.. 240
16 rhodabike Cold Spring, MN Ice Bike Motobecane LeCha.. 0
17 OC premier member Saskatoon, SK RockernSpin Colnago C50 Cross cy.. 1,099
18 GeeWizMan premier member S. Lyon, Mi.., USA Secular Cycleism Bacchetta Carbon.. 11,396
19 KrateKraig premier member Roscoe, IL Secular Cycleism Specialized Turb.. 417
20 chipg5 premier member Ithaca, NY Southern Tier Bicycl.. Giant Defy 1 road 212
21 maschwab Dawson, YT Springfield (IL) Bic.. Giant W xtracycle /.. 0
22 JV Böblingen, Germany Stuttgart Local Area.. Cube AMS Pro 125 .. 0
23 idaho_udaho Post Falls, ID Trek 750 touring .. 0

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