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This is a Club for anyone who puts more miles on there Bike then they do there vehicle each year. Anybody can join if you qualify, if you don't qualify then if you own a bike you can join....EASY HUH.
Club dues are $500 per yr and please make your check or MO out to "Krypto git Rich Inc."
2021 Miles Traveled: 0
5 club members, club admin: Krypto
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2021 miles
1 hairykiwi Deland, FL Secular Cycleism Mekk Poggio road 14,776
2 consularrider premier member New York, NY Perfectly Normal Pan.. Jamis Renegade Expl.. 8,772
3 Krypto East Coast, FL North Florida Bicycl.. custom built Eas.. 3,769
4 kiso Ipswich, Australia Australian Cycling F.. Trek 7.3 FX 700c .. 0
5 ged Sydney, Australia Commuter Cycling Cen.. Giant TCR Advanc.. 0

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