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Team Bent  
Houston,  Texas  77000

A loose assemblage of recumbent riders in Houston TX.
2022 Miles Traveled: 0
13 club members, club admin: Z_Man
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2022 miles
1 BentBandit Bellaire, TX Team Bent Bacchetta Aero swb r.. 0
2 bentbuild03 Baytown, TX Team Bent custom built Orion l.. 0
3 corsapilot12 Katy, TX Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Corsa s.. 0
4 damifino Houston, TX Team Bent Bacchetta Strada swb.. 0
5 ebitnet Houston, TX Team Bent Bacchetta Corsa lwb .. 0
6 Engyo Houston, TX Team Bent Rans Velocity 3 l.. 0
7 jellico Houston, TX Team Bent custom built M1 t.. 0
8 kenr Bellaire, TX Team Bent Bacchetta Carbon.. 0
9 Lizniv Conroe, TX Team Bent other tandem road 0
10 mgomez65 Houston, TX Team Bent Easy Racers Gold Ru.. private
11 RecumbentTriker Ohio Team Bent Sun Bicycles trike .. 0
12 scrambler Baytown, TX Team Bent Optima Baron swb .. 0
13 Z_Man Houston, TX Team Bent Rans V2 lwb recum.. 0

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