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Audax United Kingdom (known as Audax UK or AUK) is the foremost long-distance cycling association in the UK, and the biggest in the world. It was established in 1976. AUK oversees the running of long-distance cycling events, and, using a system of timed checkpoints, validates and records every successful ride.
2022 Miles Traveled: 0
41 club members, club admin: legs_larry
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2022 miles
1 tonyh Bradford On.., England yACF Thorn road 2,519
2 wheel4life Leicestershi.., England Audax UK Cannondale R800 r.. 0
3 Climberruss Nottingham, England Beeston Cycling Club Van Nicholas Yuk.. 0
4 Pingu Aberdeen, Scotland yACF Van Nicholas Yuk.. 0
5 urban_biker Denmead, England yACF Dawes Ultra Gala.. 0
6 Feline Axbridge, England yACF Sabbath Septembe.. 0
7 lonewolff Cardiff,  Audax UK custom built tourin.. 0
8 andycox Aberystwyth, Wales yACF Dolan Preffissio .. 0
9 DrMekon Cambridge, England yACF Specialized Tric.. 0
10 chillmoister Southsea, England yACF Thorn Raven Tour .. 0
11 LycraMan Waddesdon, England yACF Ridgeback Meteor 700.. 0
12 silverback Milton Keyn..,  yACF Bacchetta Giro 2.. 0
13 rando Arenzano,  Audax UK custom built road 0
14 simonproven Axbridge, England yACF On-One Pompino fixed.. 0
15 Jammy Sheffield, England yACF Thorn Discovery tand.. 0
16 Maverick74 Coupar Angu.., Scotland yACF Van Nicholas Yuk.. 0
17 chris415700 Audax UK Dave Yates Audax roa.. 0
18 KO63AP London, England yACF Orbea elorrio 700.. 0
19 Roberto Derby, England Audax UK Ridgeback World .. 0
20 Greenbank London, England yACF Condor Tempo fixe.. 0
21 F2H Wales yACF Enigma Etape road 0
22 Wraith Aberdeen, Scotland Audax UK Boardman Team Carbo.. 0
23 Blah_ACF England ACF custom built fix.. 0
24 TrevorW Fareham,  Audax UK Roberts Audax Compa.. 0
25 legs_larry London Town.., England yACF HP Velotechnik S.. 0
26 kcass London, England yACF Condor road 0
27 jezhiggins Birmingham,  Audax UK LeMond Etape road 0
28 itchy1 Taunton,  Audax UK Thorn Audax mk3 road 0
29 palmersperry Scotland Audax UK Focus Culebro roa.. 0
30 Mtrike Daventry,  Audax UK Longstaff tricycle r.. 0
31 johnsss Fleet,  ACF Thorn fixed gear ro.. 0
32 aussied Sydney, Australia Audax Australia Enigma Etape road 0
33 Chris_P Alton,  Audax UK Specialized Allez C.. 0
34 julesh London, England ACF custom built road 0
35 Jules London, England Audax UK Condor Agio road 0
36 philgroves Great Misse.., England Audax UK Thorn Audax Mk3 r.. 0
37 Paul_D Dorset, England yACF Serotta Atlanta r.. 0
38 sg37409 Glasgow,  Audax UK Thorn Audax road 0
39 crisp Sheffield,  yACF Orbit Photon road 0
40 pdm Sheffield, England yACF Airborne Valkyri.. private
41 Scottlington London,  Audax UK Pearson road private

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