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Bendix Cycling Club  
901 Clevaland St
Elryia,  Ohio  44035
phone: (440) 329-9000

2022 Miles Traveled: 0
8 club members, club admin: travis_ty
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2022 miles
1 beyond Irvine, CA Bendix Cycling Club Motobecane road 0
2 BrokenRider Foothill Ra.., CA Bendix Cycling Club Fuji Transonic 2.8 r.. 0
3 jforeman99 Lantana, TX Bendix Cycling Club Yeti ASR5 full susp .. 0
4 Krylon Orange, CA Bendix Cycling Club Nashbar road 0
5 lttann Diamond Bar, CA Bendix Cycling Club Bottecchia CF78 r.. 0
6 TeamJonesey Fullerton, CA Bendix Cycling Club Trek Mamba hardtail .. 0
7 travis_ty Tustin, CA Bendix Cycling Club Fuji SST 3.0 road 0
8 Viking Mission Vie.., CA Bendix Cycling Club Santa Cruz Brons.. 0

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