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MARS (Metro Area Recumbent Society)  
NY, NJ, CT, PA Region,  USA

The Metro Area Recumbent Society (MARS) is a recumbent bicycle and HPV enthusiast group based in the New York Metro area. We have about 75 more or less active members (give or take) located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. If you're in the vicinity, chances are there's a MARS member not far from you.

2021 Miles Traveled: 0
10 club members, club admin: Slo_Joe
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2021 miles
1 apdoo Brookline, MA MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Easy Racers Gold.. 0
2 B_gfoot Long Island, NY MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Rans Stratus XP lwb .. 0
3 beet3 New York MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Inspired Cycle .. private
4 bikee2875 Bedminster, NJ Morris Area Freewhee.. Raleigh road 0
5 BikerRich Weare, NH MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Rans V-REX swb recum.. 0
6 joelw135 Kendall Par.., NJ 'BentRider Recumbent.. ActionBent Tadpo.. 0
7 maryangelo Mt. Perry, OH 'BentRider Recumbent.. Fuji touring road private
8 OldandPokey New Jersey MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Easy Racers lwb .. private
9 Peddler Connecticut MARS (Metro Area Rec.. Vision r 40 swb recu.. 0
10 spinmaster Kansas City, MO 'BentRider Recumbent.. Catrike Expedita.. 2,240

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