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Cable/Seeley/Hayward,  Wisconsin

Virtual Bike Club.
The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association.
The premier system of off-road bike trails in the Midwest. Located in and around the beautiful Chequamegon National Forest Region of Northwest Wisconsin.

6 Trail Clusters. 13 Trail Heads. 300+ miles of well marked trails.
For Super Sweet Singletrack try:
Rock Lake - 13.5 miles w/shorter options. - Moderate to difficult technical trail features.
Ojibwe - 13.8 miles, spur leads to loop, rideable in both directions. Relentless and technical either way.
Hatchery Creek - 9.1 miles w/shorter options, a moderate technical trail.
Terrain Park - 1.5 miles, a tough, tight technical climb.
Makwa - 12.5 mile point to point. Sweet flow in both directions.
Seeley Pass - More hills than Makwa, includes a Flow Section (being named now) near Camp 38 Rd.
The Namakagon (11.9 miles-60% singletrack), Patsy Lake (12.8 miles-28% singletrack) and Glacier (9.2 miles-75% singletrack) trails have a nice mixture of easy riding singletrack (with a few technical sections here and there) & double track.
The Rock Lake, Glacier, Namakagon and Patsy Lake trails are all connected and can be combined to create your own Epic ride.

CAMBA began mapping, and marking trails in 1993. Most of the trails back then were fire roads, ski trails, snowmobile trails and old doubletrack logging roads. A short section of singletrack (still in use today) was built around Patsy Lake.
CAMBA's Singletrack Trail Initiative began in 1999 with Terrain Park and Ojibwe being the first new "IMBA standard" singletrack trail constructed.
Rock Lake singletrack began in 2003, and was "completed" in 2006.
Hatchery Creek singletrack began in 2006, and was "completed" in 2007.
Makwa singletrack began in 2007, and was "completed" in 2009.
Seeley Pass singletrack began in 2010, and was "completed" in 2013. The section south of Camp 38 Rd. (aka 38 Special) has a Flow Section that includes Gravity Cavity. With this accomplishment there is now a total of 44 miles of interconnected singletrack trails between Hayward and Cable.
And, beginning in 2011, a singletrack "connector trail" (aka Danky Dank) that will connect Rock Lake Trail to the Esker Trail at Telemark Resort was started. Then a short trail will be built connecting the Esker to the Ojibwe Trail. This will be one of the longest singletrack trails in the galaxy.

In CAMBAland "completed" is a technical term meaning the trail is open and ready to ride. All of the trails in the system continue to be tweaked. As a result, sections may get re-routes, (Logging Happens) and improvements are continually being made with additional singletrack.
Now, CAMBAland is the "Singletrack Capitol of the Midwest".

Special Shout Outs... to IMBA, (International Mountain Bicycling Association) and the IMBA Trail Care Crew, MORC, (Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists) WORBA. (Wisconsin Off Road Bicycle Association) & TrailSource from Minneapolis. Thanks to all who have donated money. And, Thanks to all of the volunteers who have, and continue their hard work building the sweetest singletrack in the midwest.

CAMBA Creatures was created as a tribute to the best Bicycle Club/Group on the planet, the Chequama Mamas. (They really should be on bikejournal.)

Mission: To build and ride sweet singletrack.
Volunteer. Ride. Repeat.

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