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2022 Miles Traveled: 0
9 club members, club admin: GY_Jon
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2022 miles
1 Alo New Zealand Genius Inferno road 0
2 audi666 Philly, PA Fuji Fixed road 0
3 benzilla Sydney, Australia Surly Steamroller fi.. 0
4 bob_summers Donostia, E.., Spain Pegoretti road 0
5 Gastroplodder Oxford, England Thorn exBrevet fi.. 0
6 GY_Jon Monmouthshir.., Wales yACF Surly LHT touring ro.. 0
7 TheVeganCyclist Arlington, VA Bike Washington Trek 5200 road 0
8 vclaw Inverness, Scotland On-One il Pompino fi.. 0
9 VeganGraham Worcestershi.., England Lynskey Ridgeline S.. 0

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