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Eugene,  Oregon  97401

The purpose of GEARs is to promote recreational bicycle riding and community bicycle activities. Our goals include, but are not limited to: *Regular weekly rides for various skill levels. *Safety and skill education for bicyclists. *Defense and protection of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. *Encouragment of facilities for cycling on public roads and lands. *Promotion of the regulation and recognition of bicycles as vehicles for pleasure, health and transportation. *Sponsoring of special bicycling events,like The Blackberry bRamble Century
2022 Miles Traveled: 0
20 club members, club admin: Steelbuns
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2022 miles
1 fnor Eugene, OR Trek FX2 road 123
2 BIKERIDERIAN Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Specialized WORKS ro.. 0
3 carlilep Eugene, OR Velocopedians DBS Supersport si.. 0
4 Mersenne Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Trek 2300 road 0
5 romick1 Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Trek Pilot 2.1 road 0
6 Steelbuns Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. LeMond Buenos Aires .. 0
7 MailMover Eugene, OR Club Rouge Croix Cervelo S2 road 0
8 deepfry Eugene, OR Velocopedians other Espresso road 0
9 javabuzz Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. RedLine road 0
10 bikegirl Eugene, OR Velocopedians Giant TCR Compos.. 0
11 TeamFin Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Specialized Roubaix .. 0
12 tntcoach Eugeneg, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Co-Motion Espresso r.. 0
13 TrailDiggins Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Trek 3500 hardtail x.. 0
14 harleyrider Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Cannondale r800 road 0
15 CylinderD Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. LeMond Beunos Aires .. 0
16 foldrush Eugene, USA G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Easy Racers lwb rec.. 0
17 lalarson Eugene, OR Velocopedians custom built Riv.. 0
18 cjwheeler Eugene, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Cannondale r800 spo.. 0
19 markragsy London,  G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Trek 1400 road 0
20 finafyr Springfield, OR G.E.A.R.S (Greater E.. Raleigh touring roa.. private

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