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"At our club meeting, the bikejournal report is the only thing that will get everyone to listen at the same time. I hear our riders talking about logging miles, forum threads, stats, and the Phoenix GABA group all the time now. It has really put some motivation into our group. You have a very cool thing going here. Keep up the good work!"
-- Tom M., Deer Park, TX
President, Space City Cycling Club

"Love the website! Our club is just starting a high mileage club and decided to use your site to log our miles. We are really excited. You are offering a wonderful service."
-- Chris M., Rome, GA
Executive Director, Coosa Valley Cycling Assoc.

"Thank you bikejournal. I don't think I would have stuck to the sport if it hadn't been for the advice and encouragement of the friendliest cyclists on the web."
-- Daniel H., Montrose, CO
Roadbears club

"Bikejournal's influence has added years to my life. As if that's not enough, Bikejournal has introduced me to some of the finest people I now call friends. No words can truly express my thanks.
-- Mike O., Conifer, CO
Club Hypoxia

"Bikejournal is great! Always makes you ride more than you think you would have!"
-- George C., Sherwood, AR
Arkansas Bicycle Club

"Discovering bikejournal and cycling has been a godsend to my life. Cycling has permeated every aspect of my life. I tell my friends that don't ride that as soon as you hop on your bike, it takes you to a much simpler time when you were a kid: Worry free, happy times. Bikej and the bike rock!!"
-- Juan I., Edinburg, TX
Team McAllen

"Your site helped push my total miles to 3000 last year. There is always someone a couple of miles ahead of me."
-- jsa, Hoover, AL

"I love the website. Keep up the great effort. Your work has created a wonderful resource and a vibrant on-line community."
-- Marc V., Albany, NY

"Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know what an AWESOME job you are doing with the bikejournal site!!! I've been a member since last November, but I had some extra time today to spend surfing around your site. The graphs and enhanced stats info are FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the great work!! I love your site!! Thanks alot for developing it for us bikers!"
-- triduckie, Fox River Grove, IL

"After one month of using, I must thank you so much. It is so cool. For years and years I wrote down miles in an old notebook and that was fairly incomplete. With this website it so easy to retrieve stuff."
-- John S., Ashaway, RI
Narragansett Bay Wheelmen

"Thanks very much for the quick response! I enjoy the using the site. Being new to riding, it helps to have an easy way to log miles and visualize goals. Well done!"
-- Rob P., Clarksville, TN
Clarksville Cycling Club

"Keep up the good work. I think you have done a great job with this site. It has grown tremendously in both content and membership in the nearly two years since I first signed up, but still has that kind of personal touch to it that makes it yours. Once again, GREAT JOB!"
-- Tim, Pennsylvania
team bikejournal

"Thanks so much; keep up the great work! Logging my miles is the highlight of my day."
-- Kim C., Raleigh, NC

"How do you find the time to keep up with the site? I've only been around a few weeks but it seems as though you're constantly adding new things and making improvements mainly from user feedback. It must be time consuming but kudos on a job well done."
-- Ron A., Apple Valley, CA
Bicycling Magazine Love Forum

"Thank you for all the work you put into this project. The site is great. I get a lot of enjoyment and motivation from the good-natured competition and camaraderie that is developing as the membership grows."
-- PiperB, Kingston Springs, TN
Harpeth Bike Club

"This is the first time I see a site manager doing so great a job to keep visitors informed during a major transition on a website. You're doing very well! Thanks."
-- André Hamel, Quebec
Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club

"Thanks for such a wonderful site. I found you from a friend who has been a member for about a year. We then turned our entire club onto the site as its such a killer way to track everything."
-- Coach Dave G., London, KY

"Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work, creativity, and skill. Sharing your SUPER site is just fantastic. Thanks for the enhancements you continue to add. I not only enjoy logging my rides but all the content you have available. First thing I look at when I log on is my ranking."
-- Joe V., Royal Palm Beach, FL

"Thank you! The site completely rocks. I'm just starting to explore outside of the journal itself, and I really like it. It's a great motivator as well..."
-- Chris H., Doylestown, PA

I've kept a log of my ride distances and times but was not very particular about it. What I really like about the online journal is I feel a sense of competition and a want to have something to add to my journal. It's quite addicting!!"
-- Brian C., Jamestown, NC

"Just discovered your site. Sooooo cool! Thank you so much for this awesome tool and site. A God send!"
-- Rob G., Lenoir, NC

"...thanks so much for this site. I discovered it shortly after New Years, and I've been inspired to ride every day. I normally have lots of trouble getting motivated except for organized rides, but now I can't wait to get on the bike and log my miles."
-- T.Ferguson, Kennesaw, GA
Johnson County Bicycle Club

"I figure that I doubled my mileage in '03 from what I expected to achieve because of bikej. The motivation is great, and a little fun competition is always welcome."
-- jjfox, Scottdale, PA
team bikejournal

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