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Glendale, Arizona
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Member Since: July 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
2024 Miles Traveled: 1,037
2024 Rank: # 451 of 874 riders
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Lifetime Odometer: 83,717 miles

I mostly commute but also tour every now and again. Me and my touring buds are in the process of doing the southern tier (DONE). We are doing this in sections. So far we have completed 2 section CA to El Paso TX. This year we are doing it with a sag truck and should be able to get to to Houston TX. Happy Touring!
4/30/2011 This years section was canseled due to family issues. Next year we plan to finish the rest and be done with it.
2024, I retired militarily and Honeywell so I will try and ride more. 
click to enlarge 1985 Schwinn Super Sport
Road bike
Description:  7/21, Bought for $50 straightened the wheel, put used rear tire and tube on and away we go. Everything original except front wheel it is a Specialized. Needs bar tape and hoods. 9/17/22, Picked up a great front wheel at Bicycle Art to replace the original because it is 27in.

2024 Odometer: 376.3 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 1,622.1 miles

click to enlarge 2009 Soma Smoothie ES
Road bike
Description:  Get this bike from Dan. 3/2014. 1/25/2015, What a great bike thank you Dan.

2024 Odometer: 342.4 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 7,027.9 miles

2017 Giant Revel
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  Bought from Dan's friend for $150.

2024 Odometer: 110.2 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 774.7 miles

1985 Raleigh Technium Prestige
Road bike
Description:  Bought this off Craig's list for $50 replaced brake hoods, cable casing and bar tape. Oiled everything with used peanut oil. Bike has been on the training stand and is great there.

2024 Odometer: 88.6 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 887.2 miles

click to enlarge 1968 other Single speed coaster brake
Vintage bike
Description:  1968 Rabeneick Found this bike in Germany in 1999, someone was throwing it away. I must have put over 300 miles on it over there. It sat in the attic for about 10 years and now I ride it to the store and close by places. The Maker is Rabeneick and not sure of the name that has chipped off.
2024, started riding this local <10 miles.

2024 Odometer: 53.0 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 360.4 miles

click to enlarge 2014 Surly Trucker Deluxe
Touring Road bike
Description:  Got this frame set on E-bay along with most of the parts. Some new and some used.
Update, it is built and have done South mountain a couple times it is very comfy.

2024 Odometer: 25.0 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 632.0 miles

1985 Raleigh Technium 450
Touring Road bike
Description:  Bought for $100 on 7/20.
Cranks threads were damaged so had them tapped. Had issues with the standard tubes so got a pair of thorn resistant and I feel at ease.
7/2021, New tires.

2024 Odometer: 30.4 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 1,688.7 miles

1978 Raleigh Comprtition GS
Road bike
Description:  Picked this garage find up in Fountain Hills for $325. It has all the original components except the shifters they were changed out with finger tip Suntour shifters. The bike is in very good to excellent condition, it does have it's share of scuffs and scrapes but for it's age 35 years old it is great!

Lifetime Odometer: 85.6 miles

1980 Eisentraut Custom 1980
Road bike
Description:  Get this off Offerup from a guy that had it for sale for 600. I thought about buying it at Christmas but did not, he was down to 425. I rethought it a month later but he did not answer. Finally gut a hold of him and he had pawned it. So we met at Mooney pawn, he get it out and I paided the 425. Storey is he got it for payment fence work in Scottsdale.

Lifetime Odometer: 76.5 miles

click to enlarge 2005 Dahon Speed TR
Folding bike
Description:  Green with the touring rack and fenders.

2024 Odometer: 11.6 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 1,098.8 miles

1976 Eisentraut Custom
Road bike
Description:  I got this bicycle from a friend of Dan's father. He bought it new in 1976. It is full Campy with Brooks seat and 27 inch wheels. A real nice ride.

Lifetime Odometer: 64.8 miles

2000 Trek R200
Recumbent Road Tandem bike
Description:  Bought this and replaced a couple parts. Sadly, I am not much into it trying to cell now.

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

2010 Soma Smoothie
Road bike
Description:  I bought the frame and used all the parts I could from a old Trek 520. It rides great but needs dialed in. Brian used it on our overnighter in Flagstaff. I have not used it so we will sell the frame and fork.

Lifetime Odometer: 558.6 miles

click to enlarge 2009 Kona Dew Deluxe
Touring Road bike
Description:  Bought this bike new and will use it to commute on and tour with. After I got it home and had it hanging for about 2 weeks I noticed a dent in the down tube. Contacted the LBS and they arranged for a new frame same specs just a Dr. Dew. I like this color more then the blue Delux that I started with. After 700 miles I like it but it does have a front derailleur problem shifting. 1680 now and the derailluer problem has seemed to have gone away.

1/29/2011: Bike is set up perfect and operating fine. Replace wheel set after rear rim cracked at 8300 miles. Changed front derailleur and I think this may fix the front shifting issue.
Replaced front brake pads at 12400 miles 12/24/2011.This set of tires have gone 12000+! 9/16/2013
1/25/2015, 24000 miles now and still going strong!
Update: 12/2/2015: Bike now has 26307 miles. It is starting to show signs of weather damage as it must stay outside every day. The paint is turning lighter and the stickers on the wheels are cracking. But it is still going strong!
10/16/2017 Installed a new middle chain ring. Bike has 29923 on it. 31565 miles, the seat is ripping at the seams, other than that it is working great.
UPDATE sold early 2022.

Lifetime Odometer: 34,965.6 miles

1989 Schwinn CrossCut
Touring Road bike
Description:  Sandy gave me this bike new for Christmas. I sold it to Dan for his son in law Brady. He had it for 20 years? Dan gave it back to me.

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

1996 Trek 830
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  Sold August 2023.

Lifetime Odometer: 172.3 miles

click to enlarge 2000 Cannondale R600
Road bike
Description:  Picked up this frame in San Diego for $130 has a couple small dents in the seat tube but not bad. Robbed the parts from the Saeco Cannondale and it works real good and fits me better.
9/2, Changed the stem and moved the seat, much better ride. Update 11/2013 changed out the crank set for triple.
UPDATE sold early 2020.

Lifetime Odometer: 6,152.0 miles
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