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Lifetime Odometer: 61,252 miles

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New entry 9/8/2008: Won the Ring of Fire 24 hour time trial. First place overall, first place recumbent. See www.raceacrossoregon.com for details.

Resumed riding regularly after changing jobs and moving to Oregon in 2000. Before that I traveled the world on business and never took the time to ride. Since then I've lost about 50 pounds, reduced cholesterol from 220 to 170 and reduced resting pulse to 49. In 2001 I sold my car.
My 16 year-old son, Youngbentrider, is on Bikejournal too. We've raced together, done numerous centuries together and ridden across the state of Oregon together on our tandem recumbent trikes over the past 5 years. Priceless!

In 2005 I totaled 12090 miles and I was on the winning 4-person team in Race Across Oregon. A 538 mile RAAM qualifier with 40,000 feet of climbing. An incredible experience because of the racing but equally due to the fantastic teamwork from the riders and crew.

Well, RAO Speedwagon, our recumbent racing team, won the Race Across Oregon again this year (2006)finishing first in our class and second to a very strong 4-person team on uprights. We finished over an hour faster than last year averaging 19.7 mph for the 535 miles. Just outside of Maupin the pace car ran over my foot when I fell during a moving water bottle handoff. Not broken. Finished the race. But it hurt like crazy after the race.

2007 should be a good year. My son and I joined RUSA and Oregon Randonneurs. I plan to do a full brevet series this year plus at least one other double century. Rode the longest single-day ride of my life on 4-12-07. 295.3 miles. Let's see what the rest of the year brings!
On May 19th my son and I rode the Oregon Randonneurs 400k Covered Bridges Brevet. A beautiful but challenging ride. My son did amazingly well. We completed the ride with a moving average speed of 16.4 mph. A total time of 17:33 for a total average speed of 14.3 mph. Just over 2 hours off the bike total.
Ultra Cycling Racing is fun! I just came in second place overall in the Ring of Fire 12 hour time trial. This year it was the UMCA 12 hour North American Championship. 
click to enlarge 2004 Reynolds Weld Lab T-Bone
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Fast and infinitely comfortable. Longest day on this bike is 278 miles at 18 mph average.

Lifetime Odometer: 7,188.9 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Calfee Stiletto
LWB Recumbent bike

Lifetime Odometer: 13,697.9 miles

2001 Hase Fully Faired Kett
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:   Corroplast full fairing for winter rain

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

click to enlarge 2001 Hase Tandem Kettwiesels
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  My son (now 14) and I have done multiple centuries, 2 CycleOregons and 1 Oregon Bicycle Ride on these (without the fairing which needs more work due to captain visibility problems). Terrific shared experiences!

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

click to enlarge 1998 Greenspeed GTR
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  Picture is from the Oregon Human Powered Vehicle (OHPV) races at Portland International Raceway in May 2001. Greenspeed trike with my son on Burley Piccolo in the 200m sprint.

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

1996 Dahon Singapore Department Store
Road bike
Description:  Bought this bike for about $200 in Singapore. It's been to Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

1984 Vitus Vitus 979
Road bike
Description:  Full Dura-Ace. Haven't ridden it much since I went recumbent :) but my son does...

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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