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Yokohama, Japan
Club Affiliation: Perfectly Normal Pansy People
Member Since: August 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 68,568 km

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Been a member for quite a while but haven't been on BJ for years. Logging on Garmin mostly. Still riding, but not as many miles as when I was commuting every day. Just enjoying the ride, mostly. Riding in the mountains of Yamanashi, Japan on weekends.

Update Feb 2017. Looks like folks have moved on. Sorry to see that, but probably inevitable. Best wishes to all.  
click to enlarge 2016 Cube Attain
Road bike
Description:  Bit the bullet and got a carbon frame with hydraulic disc brakes. Lovin it so far.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,349.6 km

click to enlarge 1986 Panasonic PC700
Road bike
Description:  Have rebuilt this bike. Has a nice steel frame, light, smooth. Probably put too much money in it but the bike has sentimental value. Despite having the bike since 89, it still looks pretty good.

Lifetime Odometer: 12,679.0 km

2014 Surly Cross Check
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  Sturdy commuter and touring bike. A bit heavy but smooth ride. Handles well when loaded.

Lifetime Odometer: 747.5 km

2000 Panasonic Springbok
Road bike
Description:  Has become my 'tool-around-the-neighborhood' bike. Nothing fancy, a bit of rust, but still a nice ride.

Lifetime Odometer: 88.8 km

2008 Felt Speed 22
Road bike
Description:  Replacement frame for the SR71 frame that cracked. After years of use as a commuter, the frame finally cracked. I laid my bike to rest last week after 8 years of use. That's two Felt frames that have cracked, although the second one cracked after reasonable use. Still... I have a 1989 steel bike that is still going strong. I think my days with aluminum frames are over.

Lifetime Odometer: 44,829.7 km
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