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Dayton, Nevada
Club Affiliation: Amici Veloci
Member Since: May 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
2023 Miles Traveled: 0
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Lifetime Odometer: 63,727 miles

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Lots, I'm old! And, praise God, getting older. 
click to enlarge 2006 Bianchi San Jose
Single Speed Road bike
Description:  This bike is more fun than I could have dreamed. I'm riding it more & farther than I ever thought I would. The longest ride so far is 100 miles. I am so glad I have it. It is such fun, back to basics. My first bike was a single speed when that was all there was in the neighborhood.
Serial H6J8055 Converted to fixed on 12/06/2010 changed back to freewheel 12/29/2010

Lifetime Odometer: 17,270.5 miles

700 x 28C Panaracer T-Serv for Messenger, front, 12,819 miles
700 x 28C Panaracer Pasela TG, front, 5,180 miles
700 x 28C Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard, rear, 12,819 miles
KMC  9 speed, 5,912 miles

Folding bike
Description:  20 inch wheel, 5 speed.

Lifetime Odometer: 31.0 miles

click to enlarge Specialized RockHopper
XC Mountain bike
Description:  I got this bike from my youngest son. He bought it many years ago, stopped riding not long after he got it. I have added a rear rack for panniers. This is the new shopping/errand/whatever bike.
This bike is back to being a MTB & runabout. The X that was on it has been sold. It has 2.35 tires, love'em. 4-29-2011 new wheels & 9 speed cassette. Rockhopper serial GX128155

Lifetime Odometer: 1,280.0 miles

2010 Surly Long Haul Trucker
Touring Road bike
Description:  Serial M10033466 LHT 42cm 26x1.5

Sold 04/24/2015

Lifetime Odometer: 11,404.0 miles

26 x 1.50 Continental City Contact, front, 11,395 miles
26 x 1.50 Kenda KWEST, front, 6,031 miles
26 x 1.50 Continental City Contact, rear, 11,395 miles
26 x 1.50 Kenda KWEST, rear, 6,031 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Specialized Roubaix Expert
Road bike
Description:  Sweet bike. Carbon with the Ultegra group. Real smooth. Money well spent. At mile 20,201 I switched from a triple to a compact double & an 11-36 10 speed cassette with a SuperLongCage derailluer. Sweeter than I thought possible. Serial STB15D0177

Lifetime Odometer: 22,753.5 miles

700 x 25C Panaracer T-Serv for Messenger, front, 3,182 miles
700 x 25C Panaracer T-Serv for Messenger, rear, 3,182 miles

click to enlarge 2001 Burley Taiko
LWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Sold

Lifetime Odometer: 400.0 miles

click to enlarge Specialized Rockhopper/Xtracycle
Cargo bike
Description:  Converted a rigid MTB to a Longtail using an Xrtacycle.
In the process, changed from flat bars to an Albatross by Nitto & the rear brake from a cantilever to a V brake. Cantilever won't function on the Xtracycle frame. I need a new picture, I've added a stoker bar for the grandkids.
Rockhopper serial GX128155
Xtracycle serial ZTA372
Sold the X 4-17-11

Lifetime Odometer: 1,455.0 miles

26 x 2.35 Kenda Small Bloch Eight, front, 366 miles
26 x 2.35 Kenda Small Bloch Eight, rear, 366 miles

click to enlarge 2000 Trek 1000
Road bike
Description:  Aluminum frame, Chromoly fork. Sora triple 8 speed. Upgraded cog set to SRAM 11-32 with Shimano MTB rear derailleur. The hills are better now!! Upgraded again: 11-34 rear cog set, 9 speed w/ bar-end shifters, Mavic Open Pro wheels w/Shimano hubs Computer shows 8978 miles, it is over 10,000 actual miles on the frame. Sold the parts. It's all gone now. It was a good ride.

Lifetime Odometer: 8,925.5 miles

click to enlarge 1999 Motiv Rockridge
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  Stolen

I bought this for commuting. I, also, used this with grocery panniers for shopping & errands with heavy/bulky loads. A work horse.

Stolen March 15, 2007 The bar ends & bear bell were moved to the RockHopper.
Serial number D80811790

Lifetime Odometer: 3,069.0 miles
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