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Springfield, Missouri
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St. John's Bike Team
Member Since: September 2006 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 2,254 miles

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Began riding as a child like everyone else, rode in numerous MS 100's in my teens. Quit riding when I discovered cars and motorcycles. Rode sporadically between then and now.

Began riding again in the fall of 2006 to help my wife train for a 5k, and enjoyed it so much that I decided to start riding to work.

Somewhere in early 2007, I had a mindset shift, where I no longer wondered IF I was going to RIDE every morning, but what my ride would be like... I like that...

I finally got my real road bike Feb 12th, 2008. A beautiful Al/CF Specialized Roubaix.

My current goals are to lose 80 lbs, and ride 2000 or more miles in 2009.

I also want to someday ride at least 100 miles in each state, complete a rando and eventually ride PBP. 
click to enlarge 2007 Specialized Roubaix
Road bike
Description:  My new bike! Finally :-)

Lifetime Odometer: 813.7 miles

700 x 23C Specialized Roubaix Pro, front, 814 miles
700 x 23C Specialized Roubaix Pro, rear, 814 miles
Shimano  10 speed, 814 miles

1999 Trek 7000 (pre-hybrid)
XC Mountain bike
Description:  21 spd Trek 7000, not sure what year it really is ('98 or '99...ish ???). Aluminum frame, upgraded with lots of newer parts.

Just your basic rigid MTB, but not the current stripped down hybrid-bike offered as the 7000 by Trek.

My regular poor weather commuter and family ride bike.

Lifetime Odometer: 363.6 miles

1975 Schwinn Le Tour III
Road bike
Description:  My latest freebie bike. I think I'll keep this one for myself and make it my poor weather commuter. I love the candy orange color.

Currently torn between making it my commuter, or converting it to a fixie. Maybe both! :P

Update 1-09-09; I've made up my mind that this will be a fixie or single-speed freewheel bike. Just gotta find a repro of that awesome orange paint.

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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