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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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2020 Miles Traveled: 155
2020 Rank: # 1,163 of 1,427 riders
(includes indoor rides)
Lifetime Odometer: 18,892 miles

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Rode for a few years in the early 90s with a local club, then put my bike down until the summer of 2005.

Sold the Terry, bought my Cannondale and I'm now riding again on a fairly regular basis on weekends with a few centuries and other longer rides thrown in.

Having fun commuting to work with the train gang: sapphiretiger, limmiche, Uk, rrago_thabo, and can't forgot Pofig, who takes me on beach adventure rides -- complete with malfunctioning equipment, flat tires, emergency detours, and ... models
click to enlarge 2007 Cannondale 
Tandem Road bike
Description:  It's finally here, right before Christmas! Pofig calls this beautiful blue tandem "Fatty". Not sure I like it but he says it's a cute name. If Pofig decides the name, I choose the gender... it's definitely a boy, because he's strong and fast!

Lifetime Odometer: 2,763.8 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Diamondback Podium 5 Carbon
Road bike
Description:  From Tyler, this is quickly becoming my favorite. Light, fast and a pleasure to ride! New FSA K Wing carbon handlebars an added bonus.

2020 Odometer: 155.3 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 4,165.3 miles

700 x 23C Michelin Pro 2 Race, front, 3,919 miles
700 x 23C Michelin Pro 2 Race, rear, 3,919 miles

click to enlarge 2005 Cannondale R1000
Road bike
Description:  My "re-entry to cycling" bike. Fit is wonderful this time around.

Lifetime Odometer: 3,405.0 miles

700 x 23C Hutchinson Fusion Long Distance, front, 1,513 miles
700 x 23C Hutchinson Fusion Long Distance, rear, 1,513 miles

click to enlarge 1989 Schwinn Crisscross
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Pofig says he could never own a Schwinn, but somehow seems to like this bike. Yes, it's old but ride is still good especially with Conti 28 tires, which he recommended.

Lifetime Odometer: 5,225.1 miles

700 x 28C Continental Top Touring, front, 3,656 miles
700 x 28C Continental Top Touring, rear, 3,656 miles

click to enlarge 0000 Crescent Green Dragon
Tandem Mountain bike
Description:  As Pofig says --> POS tandem, which he periodically borrows from our friend rrago_thabo, for some double fun, double pain ;).

Now the POC tandem has new chain, cassette, tension bolt for less double pain. I am only substitute rider for Pofig's regular partner(s) to keep seat warm for them. Picture to the left is of his most beautiful partner on the Green Dragon.

Lifetime Odometer: 224.0 miles
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