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Garland, Texas
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Lifetime Odometer: 15,960 miles

I have been riding about 40 years, off and on seriously, lately religiously, got hit by a truck in '01, started building my own in '03. 
2013 Oak Cliff Clyde
Cargo bike
Description:  Front loading cargo bike 500 lb max load including rider

Lifetime Odometer: 199.7 miles

2008 Rans Fusion
Road bike
Description:  This is Blue Bike and is here to perform the functions once done by Gigi

Lifetime Odometer: 6,316.2 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Rans Fusion crank forward
26" Comfort bike
Description:  Banging around town, grocery getter.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,377.6 miles

click to enlarge 1983 Rans Stratus
LWB Recumbent bike
Description:  bike was sold to me in '01 by a Houston guy that had to sell soon or there wouldn't be any bike left to sell, because of the pollution eating the bike. It cost me $50 to buy and $400 to make it ridable. I modified it to take a modern 8/9 speed rear wheel (stock was 5speed freewheel) and replaced the triple front with a double. I had to make my own front wheel to fit (Alex R390 rim in 13*451 laced to a Campy Veloce 32H hub) and moved the rear brake handle from the frame to the handlebars.

2006 update: I changed over to a 9 speed 11-34 cassette, and a 48-34-24 triple front in anticipation of doing some loaded touring, and also changed to some 1984 vintage chopper bars after breaking the original loop bars.

2008 update- Repairs underway after explosion in drivetrain bent the frame, changed front wheel to 700c size so I won't have to carry more than one size tube on trips and can get new tubes on pay rides from SAG.

Lifetime Odometer: 8,988.4 miles

700 x 23C Specialized Armadillo, front, 125 miles
700 x 28C Specialized Armadillo, rear, 2,066 miles

Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  BSO of unknown age

Lifetime Odometer: 14.4 miles

Sun Bicycles EZ-1 AX
CLWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Borrowed bike

Lifetime Odometer: 314.8 miles

Rans Zenetik
26" Comfort bike
Description:  Another borrowed bike

Lifetime Odometer: 371.7 miles
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