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Sacramento, California
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Your posts make me smile, thank you! Go get em tiger.You can reach me at sloji@yahoo.com for the low down on fast recumbents!


posted by sloji on 8/25/2006

I see you online here. Why haven't you added your daughter to your buddy list? Hmm? Remember when I pedaled us up that hill on the tandem? You owe it to yourself to add me! hahaha... gotta go get the gear cables fixed. Love you!
posted by jrfish on 10/25/2006

Hey PansyPalmetto, how are you doing? It looks like you're still riding and getting some exersize. I was thinking about you and I hope you're hanging in there.
posted by AndyS on 1/19/2007

This is for anyone who has clicked on Pansy's comments,

Do NOT scroll down any farther on this profile. If you're read this, it may already be too late.

You've been warned. Thank you.

posted by Howard on 4/11/2007

Hope you are welcoming new members to the Pomeranian Walkers. I have been logging many miles with my Buddy over the years. Your posts are very funny. Be well.
posted by wakeby on 4/16/2007

Pansy, GOD BLESS your strong, helpful heart. Your contributions to Bikejournal and the cycling community are incalculably precious!
posted by bikerjohn on 4/25/2007

Dear Pansy,
You moved! You had me worried for a minute. Florida, then Colorado! I hope all is well with you. You are an inspiration to all of us.

posted by DrumBum on 4/29/2007

I had the great pleasure of riding with The Pansy on the American River Trail this summer. Donít believe the horror stories, Pansy is a fantastic hostess and trail guide. Sheíll tell you campfire-like stories of jumping leeches and point out body drop sites along the trail, along with "tips" on applying lipstick. Pansy truly lives in the moment. I canít wait to do it again!
posted by DebbieBikes on 7/29/2007

Ms Pansy:
This is not a "suck up".... Simply a fact. I read your comments in the November Weigh-in Thread and couldn't help but think, what wonderful words were said. For whatever it's worth, you've motivated me into losing some weight and for that, I thank you.

posted by Bill60 on 11/1/2007

LOL! What was the goal, again??? I just now got back on BJ.
posted by Green_Ranger on 12/28/2007

WOW! I think I'll just go and dump my ego in a waste bin now it's been humbled.
posted by Cavebear2 on 5/4/2008

You may wanna check out my latest entry in the Reunion thread. It just cries out for one of your acid-tongued replies...... Bill
posted by Drummerboy63 on 7/3/2008

You just haven't lived until you meet PANSY in person!
posted by BadgerLand on 8/6/2008

Well girl,.....just don't no want to say, you're definitely sunshine!
Sorry I missed the festivites at your house. Twain said it was great.
Hope to ride with you again. And if you know of anyone that wants to ingage in a new ride....send them our way. It's the Alta Alpina Challenge and works for everyone. Check out the Website. Altaalpina.org and click on Alta Alpina Challenge....hey, you can camp and pull weeds at my house....and I do mean camp...just bring a tent and use the shower.

posted by TahoeT on 4/23/2009

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy you sense of humor......

posted by BikeBum on 6/14/2009

Hadn't seen much of you around lately. How's your Brooks holding up? For my part,I am yet to reach saddle nirvana, but I think I can see it from here. Need more miles, many more miles. I'm now four days consecutive, baby steps. Here's wishing you and yours well.
posted by FatManOnABike on 10/27/2010

Hello Pansy, I wanted to just say how much I enjoy your humor and wit. I didn't know about your cancer ordeal until I read it today on the Forum. God Bless you and your family and I hope you get thru this OK.
posted by Krypto on 1/13/2011


words cannot truely express how heart sick I am to know that you are doing poorly. You have always been someone that has made me smile, you are so out going and the only person who can truely match sarcastic wit with me. You keep on fighting the good fight my friend.

My best,

Tim Bartoe

posted by dblrider on 1/14/2011

rest in peace, dear one, you will surely be missed
posted by Brinehawk on 1/18/2011

I miss you Pansy.
posted by GeeWizMan on 4/13/2013

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"But, your honor, I did not see her before I hit her with my car." Those words will never stand up in a court of law concerning me and my preferred bicycling ensembles. Former competitive triathlete; currently "living with cancer"--undiagnosed primary, metastasized to liver/kidney/lungs. It is inoperable and incurable so I am on weekly chemo "forever." Luckily bicycling is an activity I can still participate in. Love bicycling and have (at last count) 1 road tandem, 5 road bikes, 1 mountain tandem, 2 mountain bikes, and one very junky beater road bike. We have dispensed with the 5 HD motorcyles: Sportster, Dyna Low Rider, 2 Road Kings and Buell Lightning. 
click to enlarge 2007 Felt F1
Road bike
Description:  Wonderful pixie-stick bike. Top Bike in my Fleet now.
Name: HMS Fancy (Her Majesty's Ship Fancy)

Lifetime Odometer: 7,074.2 miles

click to enlarge 2003  Pomeranian
Full Susp XC Mountain bike
Description:  Partially bald 6 year old Pomeranian male. Cosmetic hair loss due to "Nordic Dog Black Skin Disease." My walking buddy when I'm not cycling. Is nameless product of broken home: daughter and then-boyfriend broke up and she went into the Army. He started out as Mr. Bumbles which I mutated to Mr. Cubbles and am moving toward "Cubby." He calls me "Nana" and Mr. Pansy "Pop-Oh" and speaks fluent baby talk...especially when in his Pooch Pouch on my chest in certain stores when I feel like pretending I really am one of those old crazy ladies. Is very smart and knows "Go Potty"; "Get In Bed"; "Do You Want To Go Out"; "Coochie Koo" (rolls over for tummy rub); plays with and knows the names of all his toys; loves cats, people of all ages, other dogs, doesn't yap. Is almost a perfect dog. Best of all, I have actual veterinarian orders to buy him clothes for winter. Oh joy: soon we will have matching tutus!!

Lifetime Odometer: 42,614.0 miles

click to enlarge 1991 Trek 5200
Road bike
Description:  Not certain about the year, but I have the Trek 5200 model from the first year they were available---in the ever lovely "Lunar" color, which shiftchanges between glittery purple or glittery blue depending on color/angle of viewing.

Lifetime Odometer: 4,211.6 miles

1991 Trek 8900 Composite
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  Guessing on year from the 90s. RockShock forks, prehistoric toe cage pedals, carbon main frame, aluminum chain stays/seat stays/head tube. In black carbon with neon yellow aluminum parts.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,057.0 miles

1990 Santana Sovereign
Tandem Road bike
Description:  The infamous "Trick Or Treat" arrived on Halloween Night, 1991. It was supposed to be "RED". Well, it can be described as Rubyesque or Majestic Maroon or Glittering Gem......but it is Not nor will it Ever be "RED". A tandem will find the very edge of the breaking point in a relationship. But living on the edge is kinda fun.

Lifetime Odometer: 122.5 miles

click to enlarge 1987 Access Super Go
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Truth in Advertising....NOT!!! Suckered into buying two of them via catalog advertising them as 26 pounds. They are more like 37+ pounds apiece but good for beater bikes.

Lifetime Odometer: 5,032.8 miles

click to enlarge 1986 Schwinn Peloton
Vintage bike
Description:  My first REAL bicycle. And it was so Garish: Screaming Red and White. So I defaulted to "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and spent almost as many hours hunting down red/white clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. as I did in training. Yes, those are red skeleton earrings: emblematic of what a really "ripped" athlete ends up looking like.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,011,147.3 miles

click to enlarge Bridgestone MB-0 (Zip)
XC Mountain bike
Description:  The color is "Tusk" as opposed to "Ivory" 'cuz those Bridgestone tree hugging folks were way into political correctness at the time. Don't know where their heads are at nowadays.

Lifetime Odometer: 287.6 miles
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