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Dekalb, Illinois
Club Affiliation: Blackhawk Bicycle and Ski Club
Member Since: April 2007 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 4,538 miles

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As a kid living in a little tiny town in central Illinois with a tyrant for a stepfather the only outlet I had was getting on my red Panasonic 10 speed and riding away for a while. Once I moved to DeKalb I didn't have a bike for years and wlaked or rode the bus if I wasn't able to drive. I Started riding a mountain bike a couple miles back and forth daily to lose baby weight from my twins in 2005, then gave up the mountain bike after some guy on a road bike went flying past me on a country road. Bought a Fuji Road Bike at a garage sale and rode it for a year including the Biking with Beanzie ride...we did 47 miles that day and I thought it was the best thing ever. After that I decided to upgrade to something lighter that actually fit me. I decided on the Trek 1000. I can't say that I had or even now have a good knowledge about bikes and components but it was featured in Bicycling Magazine and after trying it out in the parking lot I decided to just go for it. I bought it in the spring of '07. Surpassed my goal in '07 and was really proud of myself. This was thanks in a big way to a friend who loves to be on a bike as well as to joining the Blackhawk Bicycle and Ski Club, who have to be the friendliest group of people I've met in a long time. Last year I started commuting to and from work - not out of necessity but just for the heck of it, I realized I'd rather be on the bike than doing just about anything else... so for '08 I bought myself a commuter bike and with the help of T.D. at the LBS I decided on a Gary Fisher Wingra, which we decked out with fenders and a rack. This also gave me a reason to buy new stuff for my Trek since I was putting some of my components on the Wingra :) Anyway, that's my story. 
click to enlarge 2008 Gary Fisher Wingra
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Gary Fisher Wingra. I decided after going over my goal mileage last year and commuting through the summer and fall that I deserved a bike specifically for commuting to and from work and for cruising around town. This fit the need both from a riding perspective and a financial perspective. The guys at the local bike shop helped me pick it out and decked it out with fenders, later putting my rack on there because I just couldn't seem to get it on.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,581.6 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Trek 1000 WSD
Road bike
Description:  Bought in spring of 2007 because I realized that I really loved to be on a bike plus my other bike was pretty old and a bit too big for me. I love it!

Lifetime Odometer: 2,924.6 miles

1980 Fuji Supreme
Road bike
Description:  I picked this bike up at a garage sale...having decided that I was really not a mountain bike person. Rode it all of 2006.

Lifetime Odometer: 550.0 miles
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