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Cardston, Alberta
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Lifetime Odometer: 27,983 km

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Once upon a time a loooong time ago I spent way too much time racing and riding mountain bikes. After I got married I dropped that habit and never did much riding until 2003. (Sure, I'd drop $1,000 on a new ride and make an effort for a couple of weeks, but it'd fade.) August 2003 I ran into the LBS owner (Bartman) and he invited me out for a ride - I was hooked. Since then I've gone through 12 bikes - started on a Bianchi, upgraded to a Trek 2000, upgraded that to a Specialized Allez Comp, which I LOVED, then upgraded to a Custom Built Titanium Kelson. I still have that bike, but it's currently at my brothers place in an effort to get him riding. Then I went to a Specialized S-works E5 (very nice, stiff, responsive bike.) From there I went to my first Carbon bike - a Giant TCR Composite that I sold for a Devinci CX carbon. Beautiful bike, I love those lines! But, alas, it didn't seem to fit "perfectly" - so I just sold it, and acquired a new bike. It's a Specialized Tarmac S-works SL. I don't see any need to be getting rid of this one - I've found the bike I was looking for! I then purchased another Specialized S-works E-5 that I use for on my computrainer and racing crits. That's the road bike story - My other bike catagory is Time Trial bikes. I've had a Fuji Aloha TT bike, which I replaced with a Guru Trilite TT bike. That one was recently replaced with a Specialized S-works Transition. It's been said before, and I've given up trying to deny it - I'm a little OCD.

I've now got my 3 main bikes - my S-works Tarmac SL for road riding, my S-works E5 for crit/trainer, and my S-works Transition for Time Trialing. 
click to enlarge 2007 Specialized S-works Tarmac SL
Road bike
Description:  My newest, latest. Full SRAM Force equipped. I currently still run my Roval Wheels on it, but am looking for other options. Bike, with cages and pedals and hardware for my Edge305 weighs 15.12lbs. I've also dumped the Specialized seat and replaced it with a Selle Italia SLR (the Specialized seat wore holes in my bibs!!)

Lifetime Odometer: 3,582.0 km

700 x 23C Specialized Roval Wheels, front, 3,582 km
Shimano  10 speed, 3,582 km

click to enlarge 2006 Specialized S-Works Transition
Time Trial Road bike
Description:  Dura Ace 10spd shifters, 7700 der's, and a Renn 575 disc to go with my Roval Rapide Star front wheel. This bike is FAST!

Lifetime Odometer: 176.0 km

click to enlarge 2004 Kelson Ti
Road bike
Description:  This bike is a custom built Titanium frame outfitted with Dura Ace 9spd. It's currently in semi-retirement for me, as I've loaned it to my younger brother in an attempt to get him riding. So far it hasn't worked very good.

Lifetime Odometer: 15,063.4 km

2003 Specialized E5 S-works
Road bike
Description:  This is my crit / computrainer bike. Fit and specs are nearly identical to my Tarmac. (Although I'm running DA instead of SRAM on it - something I think I'm going to have to change.) It's got R28 Neuvation wheels - other than that pretty much standard Dura Ace componenets.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,814.2 km

Kona Cindercone
Hardtail XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 26.7 km

click to enlarge Guru 
Time Trial Road bike
Description:  DA / 105 equipped with Zipp 404 wheels and Oval Concepts A700 bars. The bike feels fast, time will tell if it's really fast!

I'm actually in the process of replacing this bike - or, at least the frame. I've sold the Zipp 404 wheels, and now have a Renn 757 disc, using the front Roval wheel from my Tarmac. Frame-wise I've purchased a 2006 model Specialized Transition S-works. It's not built yet, so I won't actually add it here. The Guru is going to be going up for sale right away, and may disappear soon.

Lifetime Odometer: 129.8 km
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