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Rome, Georgia
Club Affiliation: CVCA
Member Since: January 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 160,345 miles

Once Upon A Ride in Land of Ah's, someone asked me if I wanted to get a bike journal on line. It was January 2005 and a 52 year old wild man named
Bill52 from Rome, GA was so engrossed in the bj
ride till you drop self imposed mileage challenge, that many of his CVCA club riding partners joined him in his pursuit of the 26,500+ miles he completed in the 12 months ('05). Being an extremist in all my past athletic endeavors, I completed 20,500 miles that year just because Bill Whitener didn't know when to stop. Now - 07-07-07 I am 64 years banged up ( nagging injuries from overdoing
running, hiking and biking ) but loving every sore minute of it! I managed to log 124,000 miles running from 1960 to 2002 and 155,000 miles biking since 1990.  
click to enlarge 2004 Trek Fuel 98
Full Susp XC Mountain bike
Description:   A super relatively light weight bike for a softail with 2 lock outs used when racing on flats or climbing. This is mtn bike # 14 for me since 1993 and is definitely the best off road bike I have ever owned. I am planning to keep the Fuel 98 & buy a Top Fuel 110 soon from Bob's Cycle Shop in Rome (GA).

Lifetime Odometer: 38.0 miles

click to enlarge 2001 Schwinn Pelaton XL
Road bike
Description:  Upgraded wheels and componnets w/ 54 front chain ring

click to enlarge 2000 Schwinn Scandia
Road bike
Description:  17 lb Scandia prototype Schwinn bike 58 cm with 52 front chain and doubles as a mtn bike when I activate light weight shocks and change out the wheels. Touring type handlebars instead of drop bars. Avg 80 miles per day in Portland,OR to Maidson,WI trek in June 2001 & July 2002.

Lifetime Odometer: 42,222.5 miles
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