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I decided I'd use this space to remind myself of my "Goals for '08":

1. 3500 miles. 3000 outdoor miles. I'm beginning to get the sense that I will have a hard time riding outside between December 1 & March 1. Hence, I'm going to allow myself 500 indoor miles.

2. An outdoor ride every month.

3. 100 rides. I saw this on somebody else's list, did the math & thought, that's just two rides a week. Obviously, I'll need to have lots of 4 & 5 ride weeks, but I should be able to do this.

4. 10 metrics, including 3 real centuries, one double metric, and at least 3 "events". Too early to say which ones, though I'd love to give the Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Dairyland Dare and Wright Stuff Centuries a try this year. The first two have 100K, 200K and 300K options, so the goal is to get ready for at least the 100K of the HHH, and try to get the 200K of the Dare in. Each of these rides includes LOTS of climbing, so obviously, part of the goal involves getting better with the hills. I'll also try to return to MACSAC's "Bike the Barns" which was a great & very relaxing metric where one couldn't help but to gain a pound or two.

5. Keep the weight under 190 for the whole year. Get to 180 once.

6. Get my wife a trike & get her out on rides with me at least 3 times a month during the summer.

7. Meet & ride with more Bikejournalists. Some of my favorite memories of this year include riding with Junior_CO on a cold, rainy spring day in Colorado (and almost making it up to Red Rocks), Riding with Redsfan on the Sugar River State Trail...in spite of a time crunch that made me cut our ride a bit short, and riding with Dallasbikr on a nice September day around a beautiful lake in the northern Metroplex (which is still only one of two nice things I can think of about Dallas, the other being a barbecue joint in Deep Elum). One of my big regrets is not getting in a ride with Tiff on either of my two trips to Minneapolis, and not meeting any of the other WI bikejournalists.

8. At least 20 rides with my riding buddy Josh, and at least 10 of those with his son Ben & maybe daughter Nora in tow. It's just great getting out with people you enjoy traveling with, and getting kids to enjoy being out on the bikes, and maybe modelling good adult behavior for them (for 15+ years down the line) just makes me feel great. Also, if we've got both kids, Josh's wife gets the break she needs from taking care of two younguns full time.

If I accomplish all of that I'll be one happy camper.

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