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Lifetime Odometer: 3,387 miles

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July, 2006, marked the beginning of my first season as a roadie. In 2008, I purchased the Trek Y22 for $200 from a professor before he left the university, but I take out into the woods only occasionally. For the most part, I view myself a "Fred" since I'm more concerned about the engine than I am the weight of my bike. When it comes to cycling specific apparel, I only wear the padded shorts and the jerseys because they are more comfortable or me. I will always suggest that people give the shorts and jerseys a try, but it important to realize that they may not work for everybody.

Because I restored my current ride from an un-ride-able condition to perfectly safe and functional, I consider my self quite mechanically capable maintaining a bicycle.

Current: Univega viva Touring, year unknown.

Previous: 1976 Mirage Motobecane, I only put 13 miles on it in two rides before realizing the frame was too big because I was hyper-extending the knees. 
2012 Soma Smoothie
Road bike
Description:  New road bike frame with Shimano Ultegra parts. Pretty sweet ride.

Lifetime Odometer: 2.6 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Marin Navato
Touring Road bike
Description:  Commuter Bike! Bought in July, 2008.

This beauty has 26 x 1.5" tires. The frame is actually a hard tail maountain from tailored to fit the role of an urban bike. The Disc brakes are great. I don't have to worry about stoping power in the rain!

Lifetime Odometer: 188.9 miles

2002 Jamis Exlporer 3.0
26" Comfort bike
Description:  Nice little bike.

This was originally the bicycle I bought for myself in Highschool to commute from home and to school.

Currently has a broken rear axel

Lifetime Odometer: 10.1 miles

click to enlarge 1995 Trek Y22
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  Bought used from an instructor for $200 dollars.

Needs a new chain, chainring, and tubes. I won't be able to work on it for another few weeks, so it is just sitting in my room collecting dust right now.

Got everything replaced and ready to go. This bike kicks but on down hills! I can sit on the saddle in parts where everybody on hardtails has to get of the saddle. Now, if only I was much better at offroad, then I would be leaving people behind!

Lifetime Odometer: 20.0 miles

26 x 2.10 Cheng Shin , rear, 10 miles

click to enlarge 1985 Univega viva Touring
Road bike
Description:  Light blue with some rust spots (restoration in progress). I got lucky, I picked the bicycle up for 10 U.S. dollars at a thrift shop, so the year of the bicycle is unknown.

Quick release Front hub, but no quick release front breaks. Standard bolt on rear tire with quick release brakes. 1020 Crome-moly steel tubing. To the best of my knowledge, all parts are original, including the rims (update: 4-22-07, rear wheel replaced :( ).

The tires are 27 inch X 1 1/4 inch.

Will be installing flashing head lamp and flashing tail lamps for safety (no rear reflectors)( update: 7/6/2006, got em installed). Might even get a pannier rack to carry my camelback.

Update 8-23-06: I have the rear rack installed and have order aerobars.

Update 9-24-06: The Aerobars are installed, but not the inline brakes.

Lifetime Odometer: 3,148.2 miles

700 x 23C generic Cateye V3, front, 546 miles
27 x 1-1/4 Continental Ultra Gator Skin, front, 637 miles
27 x 1-1/4 generic Weinmann RM19, front, 2,443 miles
27 x 1-1/4 generic Crank Bros. Egg Beaters, front, 2,561 miles
27 x 1-1/4 generic Weinman RM19, rear, 2,561 miles
27 x 1-1/4 Continental Ultra Gator Skin, rear, 637 miles
27 x 1-1/4 generic Cateye Astrale 8, rear, 2,547 miles
SRAM 830 6 speed, 394 miles
Shimano Freewheel 6 speed, 394 miles

Road bike
Description:  Random Demo Bikes mileage here.

Lifetime Odometer: 35.1 miles
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