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Grand Rapids, Michigan
Club Affiliation: Rapid Wheelmen
Member Since: October 2004 5 Year Distance Chart
2022 Miles Traveled: 0
2022 Rank: currently unranked
Lifetime Odometer: 25,692 miles

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2010 Sun Bicycles Spider
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Snow Bike

Lifetime Odometer: 115.5 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Trek 5200 Carbon
Road bike
Description:  Curb Weight 20 lbs 6 oz
This carbon beauty is like riding a dream! Five centuries in seven days would not have been possible with out this machine. It has let me range farther and faster than I ever thought possible.

Lifetime Odometer: 10,165.7 miles

700 x 23C Continental 4000s, front, 1,628 miles
700 x 23C Continental 4000s, rear, 1,628 miles
SRAM  9 speed, 1,602 miles

2009 Nashbar Black Bart
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  Alum Cyclocross frame, Rockshoc 29er fork, straight carbon bar, disc brakes and 700c wheels. Looks weird, rides nice!

Lifetime Odometer: 2,062.8 miles

click to enlarge 2002 Cervelo P3 Aluminum
Time Trial Road bike
Description:  Curb Weight; 21 lbs 14oz. My TT and Tri bike of choice. HED tri on the front, HED disc on the rear... that first time into the aero bars is a leap of faith, but once you're in them you are "wind stealthy".

Lifetime Odometer: 1,431.4 miles

click to enlarge 1986 Trek 1000 Aluminum
Single Speed Road bike
Description:  My wife spotted it orphaned in a trash pile on the curb, and I rebuilt as a single speed. Curb Weight; 22 lbs, 5oz. This is perhaps the most satisfying bike I have to ride. It teaches me a lesson every time I ride it.

Lifetime Odometer: 642.1 miles

Full Susp XC 29er Mtn bike
Description:  "Stumpy"

Lifetime Odometer: 1,572.3 miles

unknown make 
Road bike
Description:  Borrowed, Rented, etc.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,586.0 miles

click to enlarge 1996 Giant Iguana 650
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  1/6/2010 - "Brown Thunder" has been donated. Curb Weight; 38lbs 4oz. This was the "freighter" for the family. Quite often I pulled a Nashbar single wheel trailer on errands. Empty weight on that is 14 lbs 8 oz. Commuting, unsupported touring, or hauling landscape supplies, 'ole brownie could descend like no other! Here is hoping someone gets this bike, and has the same experience...

Goodbye old friend, see you on the road.

Lifetime Odometer: 7,005.2 miles
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