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Salem, Oregon
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Lifetime Odometer: 8,195 miles

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On the left is Kim and me in 1863. On the right is a more modern photo of me.

Didn't do any significant cycling until August 2006, when I decided to try to keep my car parked at least six days a week.

I started out with my mountain bike, which I had only ridden minimally. I stuck with the MTB for a couple of months before numbness and persistent shoulder pain led me to a recumbent trike. I quickly discovered that I could ride without pain (except for the normal pain of sore muscles from being out of shape) for longer distances than this decided non-athlete had ever dreamed.

In November 2006, I did my first half century and had a good time. More followed. In January 2007, I did my first metric century. A week later, I did another. By May Day, I had a total of seven metrics. On May 5, I did my first statute century ever (unsupported). Two weeks later, I did a 145-miler (supported for first 80 miles). I finished 2007 with 5074.8 miles (#727 of 7563). My goal was 5,000 miles, so I am pretty happy. My miles included 27 metric centuries (mostly solo), 7 statute centuries (mostly solo), and 3 double metrics (2 partially supported and one solo). I had four months over 600 miles, including one over 700. My year finished with a whimper due to illness and a lack of enthusiasm for riding home at 9:30 p.m. in the seemingly unending rain.

For 2008, my goal indicator will show the number of miles I have driven for the year so far. My goal is to ride more than I drive. 
click to enlarge 2008 Optima Baron
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Stock except: Speedplay Ti-Frog pedals, TerraCycle idler kit, Velokraft carbon seat

Lifetime Odometer: 619.3 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Hase Kettwiesel AL
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  Red, stock, 3x9 speed, Magura Julie disc brakes. Mostly used for tandem rides with my wife.

Lifetime Odometer: 303.5 miles

2007 Catrike 700
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  Demo at Coventry Cycleworks, silver.

Lifetime Odometer: 5.1 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Catrike Road
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  Red, CTR846. Mueller Windwrap XT front fairing and TerraCycle TailSok rear fairing. Replaced the stock rings (30-42-52) with Q-Rings (30-40-52). Rear wheel depends on usage: 11-32 gearing, or a Capreo with 9-23 gearing. AirZound horn. Two DiNotte 5w white headlights and one amber daytime running light. DiNotte DRL and 5w taillight (all AA) used at all times. PlanetBike fenders. Old Man Mountain rear rack under the TailSok. Arkel Tailrider rides on rack (on top of the TailSok).

Began riding in early November 2006. CTR846 dead-lined April 7, 2007 because of a cracked weld. Frame replaced under lifetime warranty.

Added .7 miles to 2007 odometer to reconcile odometer and journal.

CTR884 put in service April 26, 2007 at 1,796.08 miles, with a new 2007 frame and boom and all of the components from CTR846. Thank you again, Big Cat HPV (maker of Catrikes) for great customer service!

7/6/07: Added 2.9 miles to 2007 odometer to reconcile odometer and journal.

Lifetime Odometer: 7,116.3 miles

20 x 1.35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus (front left), front, 579 miles
20 x 1.35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus (front right), front, 579 miles
20 x 1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus (front left), rear, 3,520 miles
SRAM PC 950 9 speed, 1,854 miles

1997 Giant Iguana
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Stopped riding this bike in November 2006.

Forced to resume riding on April 8, 2007 after a cracked weld on my trike.

As of April 26, 2007, the Giant goes back to collecting dust. It served me well the last three weeks, despite all of my disparaging remarks about it.

Lifetime Odometer: 286.7 miles

Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  rental mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 8.2 miles
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