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2024 Rank: # 795 of 861 riders
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Lifetime Odometer: 5,804 miles

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  • recently unearthed childhood photographs have revealed that my first bike was actually a classic red tricycle. I rode that 3-wheeler for a bit in the late 70's apparently...

  • Cardsfan and Huskers1 taught me how to ride on a Huffy crusier in Kansas back in the early 80's. once we moved to Oklahoma, i upgraded to a Diamondback BMX dirt bike.

  • after a 7 year lul in biking (adolescence!) i got my first "adult-sized" bike in 1993 when i needed a way to get around the campus at college in Illinois. a high school buddy, Pitt, pointed me towards a 1992 Apex Diamondback fully-rigid "mountain bike", on sale at a local bike shop. after adding a front shock, it was fun to ride the local singletrack back in OK with Get_Bent.

  • since college, most of my riding has been on paved or hard-pack bike paths in the Chicagoland area. my (ex) boss Turkbiker got me into road riding and i rode in my first century in 2000 on the mtn. bike!

  • because of my current riding patterns, i (finally) made the move to get a road bike in 2002 and found a great new "old" bike at my LBS. i ride the mtn bike with my wife kitkat and other friends and reserve the road bike for faster rides with roadie buddies - the motely crew of Patman, AMertogul, Turkbiker, KAD, and rjsiebert.

  • i would also like to get a recumbent someday to mix it up... 
  • Bicycles
    click to enlarge 2024 Trek Verve 3 Disc
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  Looking for more comfort these days...

    2024 Odometer: 34.7 miles
    Lifetime Odometer: 34.7 miles

    click to enlarge 2000 Giant TCR Team ONCE
    Road bike
    Description:  my first road bike - aluminum frame (very light!), carbon fibre aero fork, carbon fibre aero seat post and shimano 105 componentry. added some profile aero-bars, otherwise pretty stock. i miss my third chainring on the hills sometimes. ;) I would like to upgrade the components to Ultegra as the 105's wear out and the rims are fairly basic Mavic's that could be upgraded as well at some point - but everything is hunky-dorey right now...

    Lifetime Odometer: 10.0 miles

    click to enlarge 2000 Trek Multitrack 7200
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  My wife's bike, which I sometimes ride.

    2024 Odometer: 8.2 miles
    Lifetime Odometer: 8.2 miles

    click to enlarge 1992 Giant ATX w/ trailer
    Hardtail XC Mountain bike
    Description:  used to record rides when I'm pulling Emma (or our pups) in the trailer

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

    click to enlarge 1992 Giant ATX
    Hardtail XC Mountain bike
    Description:  a mutation of my first bike, a 1992 cro-mo Diamondback Apex rigid mtb. first addition was a RockShox Quadra 21R front shock, then the frame was replaced when my seat tube fused to the down tube! current componentry is Deore LX/XT. still has original Deore LX hubs (over 10 years old)! too bad they don't make LX anymore, they seem pretty hardy... ;) running with Continental's Town & Country tires because I ride on smooth trails/paths most of the time now. I'm in desparate need of new grip shifters, which I continute to put off buying.

    2024 Odometer: 1.0 miles
    Lifetime Odometer: 53.1 miles

    click to enlarge 1983 Diamondback 
    BMX bike
    Description:  dirt bike with cool "mag" wheels. we sold this bike 10 years later for about 30% of its original cost - it was in good shape (i.e., i didn't ride it quite enough) ;) working on scanning in a picture of this bike soon.

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

    click to enlarge 1980 Huffy 
    Cruiser bike
    Description:  My first bike with only 2 wheels. Learned to first ride it in Kansas, but this pic is from the home of red dirt, Oklahoma... I think we kept that racing number on it for as long as we had the bike. ;)

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

    click to enlarge 1977 unknown make 
    Tricycle bike
    Description:  My first bike - the classic red tricycle. :)

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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