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Belvidere, Illinois
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I have ridden with Slantz one or twice a year for the last three years. It is always a pleasure to ride with the founding father of
posted by GTDBike on 12/4/2005

Since the early 80's it's always been one of life's great and memorable pleasures for me when we're able to bike together--whether in KS, OK, CO, NM, VA, or IL--and one of these days, PA. Twenty-five years ago, I had to slow down for you to keep up; now it's you slowing down for me. Thanks for doing that.
posted by Cardsfan on 12/4/2005


I got the jersey last week. Fits great! I raced Saturday for the first time this year. Should have won the 35+ but made a wrong turn in the last mile while I was solo off the front . That's racing.

Well, the jersey looks great and I am telling more Corpus Christi guys about BJournal. We have some real mile hogs down here!

Thanks again and ride safe,


posted by J on 1/23/2006

Sean is one heck of a guy. This guy took on a concept of helping fellow riders log and track stats for every type of ride and rider! Not only is Bikejournal is fantastic web site , its a site for all levels of riders and a great way to get all your cycling friends to get together for some saddle time. We can all thank Sean for his incredible efforts in making cycling even more enjoyable and popular.. Sean puts soooo much time into BikeJournal that I miss him on rides.. So remember folks when you are inputting all your data...Sean is making sure that Bikejournal is rolling smoother them a Trek 5500 in a freshly paved road!! I hope he gets to ride with us again.....sometime.... Poor guy may have to sell his bike.. :>(
posted by Patman on 2/9/2006

Finally got to meet Slantz at Reunion06. I enjoyed the short time we were able to spend together, and have just a few words to leave with Slantz - GO RIDE!
posted by Rob01 on 1/4/2007

Great site. I've used it several years now. Thanks for the hard work. In the low, low priority todo list you might try your web site using Firefox on Linux. The main menu titles are not visible. I only see STATS. When I hover where the menus are the cascading menus work fine. Check you site analysis report. I may be the only Linux/Firefox user you have .
posted by byteworks on 7/14/2007

Sean, great job with bikej and thanks for all the time and effort you put into it, it's a great tool for us cycling fanatics! I also appreciate that you recognize that without the blessings of our Creator, none of this would be possible. Keep up the great work.
scooter52 (Psa.40:1-3)

posted by scooter52 on 12/22/2007

oK - you finally got my $20 !! Thanks for the great site, you deserve the $$.

posted by YvonneS on 1/5/2008

All hail the king!!!

I've met Sean on a few occasions now, great person. At RU07 I got to ride with him the whole day. While he spends too much time working on this site and not enough time riding his bike, he's a gamer! We had a blast and I'd love to do it again.

posted by JohnnyD on 1/27/2008

Great website Slantz, I don"t know how you do it but keep up the good work? $20.00 is well worth the premier membership. NO more handwriting in my bike logs. A good motivational tool!! Keep on cycling.
posted by Krypto on 4/4/2008

Tried voting on the Android App a couple of times - not sure if it is accepting it or not... just clears the options and represents them.

posted by CDHunter1971 on 8/9/2016

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posted by friend4you on 12/30/2017

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read the about bikej page to learn more about the history of bikejournal...

  • recently unearthed childhood photographs have revealed that my first bike was actually a classic red tricycle. I rode that 3-wheeler for a bit in the late 70's apparently...

  • Cardsfan and Huskers1 taught me how to ride on a Huffy crusier in Kansas back in the early 80's. once we moved to Oklahoma, i upgraded to a Diamondback BMX dirt bike.

  • after a 7 year lul in biking (adolescence!) i got my first "adult-sized" bike in 1993 when i needed a way to get around the campus at college in Illinois. a high school buddy, Pitt, pointed me towards a 1992 Apex Diamondback fully-rigid "mountain bike", on sale at a local bike shop. after adding a front shock, it was fun to ride the local singletrack back in OK with Get_Bent.

  • since college, most of my riding has been on paved or hard-pack bike paths in the Chicagoland area. my (ex) boss Turkbiker got me into road riding and i rode in my first century in 2000 on the mtn. bike!

  • because of my current riding patterns, i (finally) made the move to get a road bike in 2002 and found a great new "old" bike at my LBS. i ride the mtn bike with my wife kitkat and other friends and reserve the road bike for faster rides with roadie buddies - the motely crew of Patman, AMertogul, Turkbiker, KAD, and rjsiebert.

  • i would also like to get a recumbent someday to mix it up... 
  • Bicycles
    click to enlarge 1992 Giant ATX
    Hardtail XC Mountain bike
    Description:  a mutation of my first bike, a 1992 cro-mo Diamondback Apex rigid mtb. first addition was a RockShox Quadra 21R front shock, then the frame was replaced when my seat tube fused to the down tube! current componentry is Deore LX/XT. still has original Deore LX hubs (over 10 years old)! too bad they don't make LX anymore, they seem pretty hardy... ;) running with Continental's Town & Country tires because I ride on smooth trails/paths most of the time now. I'm in desparate need of new grip shifters, which I continute to put off buying.

    2020 Odometer: 26.0 miles
    Lifetime Odometer: 2,744.3 miles

    26 x 1.90 Continental Town & Country, front, 789 miles
    26 x 2.00 Serfas Drifter, rear, 789 miles
    Shimano HG-Xtest 9 speed, 249 miles

    click to enlarge 2000 Giant TCR Team ONCE
    Road bike
    Description:  my first road bike - aluminum frame (very light!), carbon fibre aero fork, carbon fibre aero seat post and shimano 105 componentry. added some profile aero-bars, otherwise pretty stock. i miss my third chainring on the hills sometimes. ;) I would like to upgrade the components to Ultegra as the 105's wear out and the rims are fairly basic Mavic's that could be upgraded as well at some point - but everything is hunky-dorey right now...

    Lifetime Odometer: 4,652.5 miles

    700 x 23C Continental Ultra 2000, front, 2,581 miles
    700 x 23C Continental Ultra 2000, rear, 2,581 miles

    click to enlarge 1992 Giant ATX w/ trailer
    Hardtail XC Mountain bike
    Description:  used to record rides when I'm pulling Emma (or our pups) in the trailer

    Lifetime Odometer: 125.8 miles

    1983 Diamondback 
    BMX bike
    Description:  dirt bike with cool "mag" wheels. we sold this bike 10 years later for about 30% of its original cost - it was in good shape (i.e., i didn't ride it quite enough) ;) working on scanning in a picture of this bike soon.

    Lifetime Odometer: -10.0 miles

    click to enlarge 1980 Huffy 
    Cruiser bike
    Description:  My first bike with only 2 wheels. Learned to first ride it in Kansas, but this pic is from the home of red dirt, Oklahoma... I think we kept that racing number on it for as long as we had the bike. ;)

    Lifetime Odometer: 2.0 miles

    click to enlarge 1977 unknown make 
    Tricycle bike
    Description:  My first bike - the classic red tricycle. :)

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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