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Arvada, Colorado
Club Affiliations: Team Fred
Club Hypoxia
Member Since: June 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
2024 Miles Traveled: 0
2024 Rank: currently unranked
Lifetime Odometer: 19,528 miles

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Me at the top of Cumbres pass on Ride the Rockies 
click to enlarge 2009 Fuji Roubaix
Road bike
Description:  This is the replacement frame (FREE) that I got from Fuji since my other frame cracked at the BB

Lifetime Odometer: 133.5 miles

26" Comfort bike

Lifetime Odometer: 18.5 miles

click to enlarge 1990 Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra TSX
Road bike
Description:  10th Anniversary Limited Edition Frameset with 9 Speed Dura-Ace. This is BostonRower's colorado bike and basically my bad weather bike and yes, I have taken it off some sweet jumps. :)

Lifetime Odometer: 17.5 miles

Maruishi MT-350
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Bike from Grubg to replace the one that was stolen

Lifetime Odometer: 28.5 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Fuji Roubaix
Road bike
Description:  This was a good bike. The frame cracked at the BB and is now gone. :(

Lifetime Odometer: 21,625.1 miles

700 x 23C Continental Ultra Gatorskin, front, 5,862 miles
700 x 23C Continental Ultra Gatorskins, rear, 6,448 miles
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