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Found on the road - 2009 - 2020
 maschwab member offline
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Lifetime: 13,062 mi
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Member since: Nov 2004
Home: Dawson, YT 
Giant W xtracycle / 35cc motor
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 3/17/2009
at 5:40:15 AM
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Thanks to scum1 who originated the thread!
2005 [www.]{1AA62401-D119-4C92-B55E-82CBDC0060B9}
2006 [www.]{6165345A-B101-4B20-91CB-6E8205BCC57D}
2007 [www.]{5C4EADF2-0B78-4156-B50B-EBAA3A01B1fdAA}
2008 [www.]{A63458B4-FCF5-48AB-AEAF-A03E05BE8E95}

What have you "Found on the road" ?
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 wawaski member online
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Member since: Jul 2003
Home: Gainesville, FL 
Pinarello Rokh
Road bike
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Gainesville Cycling Club
posted 3/18/2009
at 4:58:23 AM
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I found a Pair of "Houston Texan" logo winter gloves recently... One glove one day, didn't find the mate so I tossed it, found the other the next day, went back for the first and it was still there!!!
We don't get much Winter Glove weather down here but there were a couple of times when they came in handy !

My contribution to the thread !

-- posted by Sratboss

The days after the big fishing tourneys are always entertaining....lures, towels, pliers.

 our2pt2 member online
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Lifetime: 47,468 mi
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Member since: Feb 2005
Home: Lancaster, PA 
Felt F6
Road bike
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Lancaster Bicycle Club
posted 3/18/2009
at 5:42:53 AM
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I found a gun 2 weeks ago. A 6 shooter cap gun with the bright orange tip. With the bright chrome plated plastic it was hard to miss on the side of the road. Works great!


 GoDogGo member online
Lifetime: 12,620 mi
Member No. 4437
Member since: Jan 2005
Home: San Ramon, CA 
Serotta Nove
Road bike
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Valley Spokesman Touring Club
posted 3/18/2009
at 4:05:25 PM
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I found a pearl izumi ear-warmer headband (mine now), a L. Garneau ear-warmer headband(my husbands now),lots of gloves(no matches yet), various tools-pliers, screwdrivers, gardening shears, pocket knives, phones, marbles etc,but my best find was an iron. Not the sort that you plug in, but the old fashioned cast iron type that had to be heated on the woodstove! It was heavy and getting it home in my jersey pocket was a challenge. The second best find was... a wooden duck, lifesize. it also went in my (now stretched out )jersey pocket.

Don't ask what I've stolen. Kim Go-Dog-Go

 Happy member online
Lifetime: 101,475 mi
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Member since: Nov 2005
Home: TX 
Bacchetta Corsa
SWB Recumbent bike
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'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 3/18/2009
at 5:54:12 PM
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I live in a rural area - so there's no telling what I'm likely to see. All the usual stuff - from saddles to furniture; tools, toys, soiled diapers, stray hogs and cattle, the occasional farm implement(s), road kill. Never found any money, though.

On Sunday rides it's not unusual to spot someone's underwear (that probably got thrown from a pickup, in the heat of passion, on "Saturday Nite"): More often ladies than mens. I guess these country folk get wild on Saturday nite. I've also have seen a lot of porno mags and packs of condoms (never opened).

Hubcaps, Cigarette lighters, flashlights that never work - (maybe they burned out the batteries trying to find their underwear).

 tripledhare member offline
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Lifetime: 14,048 mi
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Member since: Sep 2006
Home: Redding, CA 
Specialized Dolce Elite
Road bike
posted 3/18/2009
at 6:54:01 PM
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Today a small caliber bullet, hitch receiver pin and lots of nuts and bolts. Unlike RWG I did not stop on steep hill for fear I would not start again LOL

 scum1 member online
Lifetime: 8,101 mi
Member No. 2101
Member since: Apr 2004
Home: Kemah, TX 
Trek 560
Single Speed Road bike
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Club Alien
posted 3/19/2009
at 2:58:11 PM
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I am back and glad to find this thread continues and thanks to maschwab for continuing it while I was gone. I built up a new single speed bike and I'm riding again. I found last week.
1 old navy vinyl football and 2 drink koozies. I have like 100 drink koozies I have found and they are great for when we have people over for a pool party in the summer. Don't have to worry about them disappearing!

 Sratboss member offline
Lifetime: 86,813 mi
Member No. 38
Member since: Mar 2003
Home: League City, TX 
Specialized Sirrus 4.0
Touring Road bike
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Bike Barn
posted 3/19/2009
at 2:59:38 PM
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a screwdriver and two golf balls


 LeoH member offline
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Lifetime: 18,993 mi
Member No. 29944
Member since: Jun 2008
Home: Sun Valley, NV 
Rans Rocket Saturn V
SWB Recumbent bike
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Commuter Cycling Century click to learn more about premier membership
posted 3/19/2009
at 10:18:28 PM
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Interesting thread. I actually went back today for an open end wrench I went past on the was a 5/8 9/16 combination which I can use for my rear axle!

I have found in the past year of commuting, a couple of sockets, another open end wrench, I think that's it for memorable stuff. A few pennies or change from time to time. Yesterday I rode past a card in an envelope and after I'd passed I briefly considered checking to see if someone's birthday money might have been in it, but it was in the gutter and a bad location to have gone back to check[sic] so I didn't.

Leo H.
Sun Valley, NV

 hooligan member not displaying online status
Lifetime: 16,249 mi
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Member since: Jan 2008
Home: Santa Rosa, CA 
Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL
Road bike
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NorCal Bike Sport
posted 3/19/2009
at 10:56:03 PM
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One pair of women's Oakley sunglasses, myself, pair of Liz Clairborne sunglasses, four 1 dollar bills, friends, more to come......maybe a girlfriend?

 cornomaster member offline
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Member No. 7492
Member since: May 2005
Home: FL 
Giant TCRcomp1
Road bike
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posted 3/20/2009
at 9:51:59 AM
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I saw a sausage in the middle of the road the other day. We were riding so hard and I was so hungry it could have been anything though.
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