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Daily Blog
 tojesky member offline
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Team Vite Racing
posted 2/20/2017
at 6:52:39 AM
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DID brought up in another post the loss of banter and comradery in the Journal. Let's use this thread for you to give an update to the community. It doesn't have to be daily but when you feel like you have something to say but it doesn't fit elsewhere. If it fails, well we tried!

 handyhannah member offline
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posted 12/13/2019
at 8:16:13 PM
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I will not be participating in the challenges in 2020. My life is becoming more complicated as age sets in for me and my wife. My wife is progressing with her dementia (and not driving,) my second grand child is due January 21, and other items continue on and I find I am riding less. So while I will be following the challenges, I will not participate in them. But I will renew my Yellow Jersey next year.

My health is not an issue. I have a smart trainer but the smart trainer is just not the same. I rode the smart trainer less than an hour today and it was simply just not the same. It'll take some time. I moved the trainer to the garage today and that led to unforeseen issues.
-- posted by tojesky

Sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you. Always here so feel free to pop in and say hi.

 russtaitai member not displaying online status
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posted 12/14/2019
at 6:08:39 AM
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So sorry to hear, Tim. Life sure does provide many challenges.
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