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WarmShowers.org - Is it any good?
 ColoradoGuy member not displaying online status
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Home: Buena Vista, CO 
Trek 1.2
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posted 1/30/2014
at 8:06:56 PM
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Have any of you had experiences with Warm Showers? www.warmshowers.org

In three weeks, I will be biking across the USA again, and with my finances tight, I'm hoping to stay at some people's homes along the route for free.

I love the concept: It's a community of cyclists who all agree to put people up (or allow them to camp on their property, give them a warm shower) if they're riding through. I look forward to maybe hosting people later this year.

Any thoughts or experiences?


 JulieB member not displaying online status
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Home: Phoenix, AZ 
Specialized Sirrus
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Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club
posted 2/9/2014
at 4:43:04 AM
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You enjoy hosting? How would you feel if I were to call you, say I was going to be in your neck of the woods, and ask for a place to stay for the night?

Yeah. I know. We probably don't live 20 miles apart. Still, I'm remembering with fondness visiting one evening when you were hosting a bunch of BikeJournalers (including RaleighDon). Your home is gorgeous, the food was magnificent, the conversation was excellent, the company was better . . .

Come to think of it, can I just move in for the summer?

 SteveWilson member offline
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Lifetime: 182,757 mi
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Member since: Jan 2006
Home: Tucson, AZ 
Pinarello FP3
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GABA Tucson
posted 2/9/2014
at 9:31:03 PM
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Julie - you're welcome anytime Certainly we prefer a little warning, but realize sometimes it isn't practical. If you called at 4 PM asking for a place for the night we might say yes and might say no, just depends on what is going on.

The whole summer might be a little long....but then hopefully we're off riding somewhere else a big part of the summer. See you on the road!

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