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2019 Commuter Cycling Century Challenge
 ThermionicScott member offline
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Member since: Dec 2013
Home: Cedar Rapids, IA 
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posted 1/1/2019
at 4:03:46 PM
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2019 Commuter Cycling Century Challenge - forum

Welcome to the 2019 Commuter Cycling Century Challenge, now in our 13th year.

The Commuter Cycling Century Challenge has a simple goal:
Each member attempts to ride to and from work or school on at least 100 days in the calendar year.
That's just twice a week for four-season riders, three times a week for three-season riders.

We also recognize PCWs-Perfect Commuting Weeks (commuting every single workday), PCMs-Perfect Commuting Months, and a PCY-Perfect Commuting Year.

Current standings

How to join and report your progress

Simply report your commutes by posting in this thread. This thread does not connect to or pull data from your ride log. You have to tell us here.

Your Ride Leader this year is ThermionicScott. My role is that of Recording Secretary, not Scorekeeper. You keep your own scores (rides, PCWs, PCMs, PCY, etc). I simply record them in the Standings Table.

Please put all your update info (ride number, milestone dates, PCWs, PCMs, PCY, and distance changes, etc) in the first line of your post. That makes it easier for me to find quickly.

Update as often or as infrequently as you like. We like hearing about everyone else's daily ride and keeping up-to-date. If you want to update only every now-and-again, that's fine too, but we miss you between reports.

Challenge Rules

The rules been mutually agreed upon over the lifespan of this challenge. They provide some degree of confidence that we are all comparing apples to apples. They are not hard-and-fast. We make changes by general consensus when necessary.
  1. Each round-trip commute counts as one (1) commuting-day.
  2. Each one-way commute counts as one-half (˝) commuting-day.
  3. Limit of one commuting-day per calendar day. Remember, we count days, not rides.
  4. Multi-modal commuting is perfectly fine, as long as there's a bike ride in there somewhere.
  5. Substitutions: Students may substitute school for work. Volunteers and retirees may substitute their volunteer location for work.
If you ordinarily update from work, there's no need to report only a half-day if you expect to also ride home. Report the whole day. If the fates intervene, we'll deal with it later.

Accounting and verification

We operate on the honor system. I make no attempt to verify or check the accuracy of anyone's postings. Remember, I'm the Recording Secretary, not the Scorekeeper. Obvious math errors, such as 10 commuting-days in a week or other obvious discrepancies, may prompt a request for clarification.


Verb (intr) to travel some distance regularly between one's home and one's place of work — commute. Collins English Dictionary — Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition.
Most Direct And Safe—The Most Direct And Safe ROUND-TRIP distance between your home and workplace. This is not necessarily the shortest possible trip, but the shortest safe trip.
Perfect Commuting Week/Month/Year—Commuted by bike every day that you went to work during the period. By definition, you can't do any better than this.


A PCW, PCM, or PCY string is NOT broken if on a given day a rider does not ride to work for any of the following reasons:
  • Working at home.
  • Working out-of-town on assignment.
  • Jury Duty


This challenge was started by Anquetil63 in 2006, and was maintained by GTDBike from 2007–2010, by brucew from 2011-2012, by jack1 from 2013-2014, and by SeaLion from 2015-2017.
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 2wheeler member offline
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Commuter Cycling Century click to learn more about premier membership
posted 1/2/2020
at 9:44:29 AM
post #1501 viewed 88 times
Thanks everyone. Good numbers for the amount of riders this time.

Before we lock up the spreadsheet for 2019, the PCY numeric column (new this year I think on the tally) could record that this was my 8th PCY since I began tracking and participating in the 4C challenge 12 or so years ago here on BikeJournal. My first-ever PCY was in 2010.
 ThermionicScott member offline
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Lifetime: 33,955 mi
Member No. 52981
Member since: Dec 2013
Home: Cedar Rapids, IA 
Diamondback Ascent
Single Speed Mountain bike
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posted 1/2/2020
at 9:56:08 AM
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ThermionicScott, I only had 51 PCW 's. I had a vacation for a full week one time (I know, hard to believe).
-- posted by Yukonpaul

Ah, fixed it!

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