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Amici Veloci means "Fast Friends". We began as a diverse group of Northern California women who participate in a women's cycling discussion board on the internet, and share a love for cycling. We formed this team for the Top Hat Classic as a tribute to one of our own who was recently diagnosed with MS, and many of her cycling buddies have joined in too.

In the process we're becoming fast friends - even though some of us have yet to actually meet in person!

2021 Miles Traveled: 0
30 club members, club admin: SadieKate
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2021 miles
1 Trekhawk Perth Hills, Australia Amici Veloci Colnago C50 road 0
2 CandyGirl California Amici Veloci Novara 26" comfort 0
3 Emeraldaxe California Amici Veloci Trek road 0
4 Mostly_Martha California Amici Veloci Bianchi Milano 26" c.. 0
5 snapdragen California Amici Veloci other road private
6 ThomD California Amici Veloci Rivendell Rambouill.. 0
7 Veronica California Amici Veloci Rivendell Legola.. 0
8 aka_kim Concord, CA Amici Veloci Airborne Zeppeli.. 0
9 Petunia Folsom, CA Amici Veloci Bianchi Axis cyclocr.. 0
10 maillotpois Mill Valley, CA Amici Veloci Pegoretti Love #.. 0
11 five_one Morgan Hill, CA Amici Veloci Serotta Coeur D'Aci.. 0
12 g32ski Rancho Cord.., CA Amici Veloci GT avalanche 2.0 har.. 0
13 Summer_Girl Sacramento, CA Amici Veloci Specialized Dolce ro.. 0
14 Jet767 Sonoma, CA Amici Veloci Bianchi Vigorell.. 0
15 cindysue Walnut Cree.., CA Amici Veloci Orbea Dama Race r.. 0
16 GT Dayton, NV Amici Veloci Bianchi San Jose .. 0
17 IzaakThePoodle Bend, OR Amici Veloci custom built unicyc.. 0
18 SadieKate Bend, OR Amici Veloci Spectrum Super Ti ro.. 0
19 WrenchBoy Bend, OR Amici Veloci Seven Elium road 0
20 yellow Salt Lake C.., UT Amici Veloci Bob Jackson Mixt.. private
21 Velobambina Arlington, VA Amici Veloci Bianchi Eros Donna r.. private
22 veloroaster Folsom, CA Bicycle Planet Guru Carbonio road 0
23 mtkitchn premier member Flagstaff, AZ Perfectly Normal Pan.. Trek Checkpoint .. 1,827
24 crazycanuckoz Perth, Australia Team Estrogen Giant ocr1 road 0
25 BikerZ Oakland, CA Team Estrogen Seven Alaris Ti r.. 0
26 mmann964 San Jose, CA Team Estrogen Merlin Camena roa.. 0
27 Xrayted Oregon Team Estrogen Novara Carema Pro ro.. 0
28 jtrides511 Richmond, VA Team Estrogen Colnago road 0
29 Tater88 Idaho The Senior Tour Kelson road 0
30 pyxichick Minneapolis, MN Velo Bella Cannondale R700 road 0

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