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There is only one other specified bikejournal group based in Wales. This appears to be for a local club. Thought I'd set one up for all and sundry living in Wales (or even if you're Welsh and live elsewhere!) who'd like to join.
2023 Miles Traveled: 898
7 club members, club admin: Plax
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2023 miles
1 walsh CTC - Cyclists' .. Giant OCR 3 road 0
2 Drew_Bluhd Mount Prosp.., IL Welsh Riders Cymru Kestrel Talon roa.. 0
3 mrjones Ewa Beach, HI CAN MD LeMond Buenos Ai.. 0
4 manouch Capel Curig, Wales Welsh Riders Cymru Scott CR1 Pro road 0
5 aniah Dallas, OR Welsh Riders Cymru Specialized Creo roa.. 898
6 srowlands Little Rive.., Australia Audax Australia Performer Roadster s.. 0
7 Plax Wales Welsh Riders Cymru Dawes Ultra Gala.. 0

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