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S. Wisconsin/N. Illinois,  Wisconsin

Skinny's Club T.R.E.A.D., is a social cycling club encompassing Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Club T.R.E.A.D. is sponsored by Skinny's South Shore, an American bistro located on the South Shore of beautiful Lake Geneva, WI. Skinny's Club T.R.E.A.D. is dedicated to the promotion of the five T.R.E.A.D. principles: Training, Recreation, Education, Advocacy and Diversity. Our goal is to give riders of all ability levels and riding styles a fun and positive environment to explore the joy of riding a bike. We are dedicated to promoting bicycle riding in all its splendid forms with a focus on helping club members get the most out of his or her riding experience. In addition to this, we aim to bring the Club T.R.E.A.D. spirit back to the roads and trails we ride, through regular involvement in bicycle advocacy projects.
2024 Miles Traveled: 428
27 club members, club admin: pokey
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2024 miles
1 Treadhead Mchenry, IL TreadHead Cycling Trek Checkpoint grav.. 428
2 ironbob Wisconsin TreadHead Cycling Colnago road 0
3 DT Burlington, WI TreadHead Cycling Gunnar Ruffian ha.. 0
4 barrettbunch Whitewater, WI TreadHead Cycling Trek Fuel 100 full s.. 0
5 Polybius Hales Corne.., WI TreadHead Cycling Giant NRS AIR full s.. 0
6 Foznow Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling Scott CR1 Team road 0
7 Menn2166 Lake Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Trek 2300 road 0
8 pokey Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling LeMond Victoire r.. 0
9 newskoolbiker Lake Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Santa Cruz Tallboy f.. 0
10 grover Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling Marin road 0
11 pkripper Waterford, WI TreadHead Cycling Gunnar Ruffian hardt.. 0
12 mofxr Lk Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Foes curnut/ti freer.. 0
13 CAPTAIN_NAUGHTY Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling Giant NSR AIR ful.. 0
14 spdrcr Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling Scott Addict SL road 0
15 Gbiker Franklin, WI TreadHead Cycling Trek Fuel 100 full s.. 0
16 dlseitz Wonder Lake, IL TreadHead Cycling Trek 1000c road 0
17 linhardt Kildeer, IL TreadHead Cycling Kestrel Airfoil t.. 0
18 Dan_Tavela Greenfield, WI TreadHead Cycling Gary Fisher sugar 1 .. 0
19 bikeracct Elkhorn, WI TreadHead Cycling Ti Cycles road 0
20 Karl1707 Johnsburg, IL TreadHead Cycling Specialized ALLEZ ro.. 0
21 dkhese Libertyville, IL TreadHead Cycling Trek 1200 road 0
22 RonFry Lake Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Softride triathlon .. 0
23 tbugnac Hales Corne.., WI TreadHead Cycling Schwinn Fastback Pr.. 0
24 babyfawn Woodstock, IL TreadHead Cycling Giant full susp xc .. 0
25 liquid30 Lake Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Trek Liquid 30 fu.. 0
26 itri Wisconsin TreadHead Cycling Trek road 0
27 mikemenn1216 Lake Geneva, WI TreadHead Cycling Trek 9.8 hardtail.. 0

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