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I've had the pleasure of riding with Doggus a couple times now. He's a quiet sort with a sly smile and a tendency to ride the legs off his fellow riders without even realising it.
posted by FooRider on 1/2/2007

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I was blown away several times by the roadies (literally and figuratively) while I was out pedaling my old Trek mountain bike on my regular Lake Lavon 15 mile exercise route. I could feel the power of the paceline as it went by and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't hold on.

Fast forward three years. Battling an as yet unknown illness I decided weightlifting was getting old and needed more cardio. Bought my first road bike in July/August of '05. Started riding seriously in Jan '06. We also bought our Co-Motion tandem in August of '05.

Now I'm addicted to the speed of the peloton. The plan is to do some racing with PACC while I still have some speed in me.

My true love however is cycle touring and tandem riding. One of the greatest things I've ever done was to go on a self-supported bike tour in Europe. We rode the famous route Land's End to John O'Groats in the U.K. then traveled via the North Sea on ferry to the Netherlands. From Amsterdam we cycled to the Rhein and followed it down into Germany and finally to Stuttgart, Germany where my brother is station in the Air Force. All this thanks to my wife and her mother. I would have been far too chicken to attempt something like this on my own. 
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