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Hi JB. Your email bounced, so just wanted to find a way to say "How you doing?" Take care. PP 2nd.
posted by petitepower on 4/20/2007

J.B. Good luck with the rehab of the knee. My back surgery was successful but now the other side needs attention. Think will wait a year for that. Have a good year. roadrunnerdon
posted by roadrunnerdon on 11/22/2009

JB - Just wanted to drop you a note that you've been an inspiration to 'chase you down', just like seeing a rider ahead of you on the road. Been a good year & you've been a good target - THANKS! You may not be aware of it, but you did have a double posting 5/20 & another I think, that you might want to edit so your numbers are accurate. Keep it going, we've got 2 weeks left. Thanks again, maybe meet you on the road somewhere. B1
posted by B1 on 12/18/2009

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Recovery/end of season /Knee surgery----what a way to go out!!!
Started year at my home in Florida,and have a great start on a great year. Knee is better New Bike is the best, faster than ever. Will not post miles because of my feelings on bulk mileage submitalls.
and my lack of excuses for not starting the year/posting on time.I will watch and see you all next year.

2014 Trek 5.9 Domane
Road bike
Description:  SCRAM RED Mavic Carbon SRO, Black Carbon Fiber. Zebra Striped
Climb like a goat

Lifetime Odometer: private

2012 Colnago C-59
Road bike
Description:  Fast and smooth/climb like a Monster

Lifetime Odometer: private

2010 Colnago C-50
Road bike
Description:  DREAM BIKE

Lifetime Odometer: private

2007 Colnago Cristallo
Road bike
Description:  ETA-Color Graphite With Italian Colors
Full Shimano Dura-Ace
Bontrager XXX Race Lite Wheels/Mavic SL-3 with ceramic bearings for training.

Lifetime Odometer: private

2006 Trek SL5.9 Madone
Road bike
Description:  Have a 12/25 on the rear, and I love the feel of this rear.
I have owned four Treks and this SL 5.9 will be my training bike as I get ready to change Brands.

Lifetime Odometer: private
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