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Hi, just browsed by and saw Nebraska. My wife and I live in WI so we know about cold winters. You should try a recumbent bike and a fairing. I ride all winter and don't freeze. recumbents look pretty wierd,but you could do double mileage what you do on your diamond frame bike, and you will never fly over the handle bars...anyway. checkem out at
www.bentrideronline.com and www.easyracers.com

see you on the road,

Greg and Lisa
Racine, WI

Haven't tried the Lobster gloves, but I just about froze tonight as it was 31 degrees, and night. Started getting a bit cold after 10 miles. Will have to work out something for gloves. Greg

posted by kb2qqm on 11/5/2006

I love my Seven, I can't describe how how I enjoy riding it, I had a very nice bike before, but this one makes that bike un-rideable. I would ride my old bike 25 miles at a time now ride 40 to 50 miles at a time. The custom fit is unbelievable, and the group from Seven was great, but my local bike shop should take most of the credit, he is the one that fitted me, and fit is everything.
posted by PVMarchisello on 6/9/2007

We've probably crossed paths, as I'm all over town. Mostly, though, I ride the trail South from Antelope Park (I do that loop a lot), or to downtown. No BJ jersey, but I'm hard to miss. I'm the woman on the faired LWB recumbent, often riding with my DH on a very similar bike. We often ride in the evenings to escape the heat.

Yell at us if you see us.

posted by MomOnBike on 8/2/2007

Hey! Believe it or not I just got your comment that you left in June of 2007. I had never noticed that I had a comment, and hadn't enabled it in my profile until about five minutes ago. Thanks for the kind words. I obviously took quite a bit of time off from riding, and haven't put nearly enough time into it. I've just started up again, and just got back from a 12.5 mile ride this evening. Today was a great day, hope you got to get out and ride. I'm hoping to upgrade to a road bike so I can more comfortably get around. My hybrid would be great for around town stuff, but I'm quickly finding (with just 40 miles so far this year) that I want to ride more competitively. Ride safe! (Almost got taken out by two cars this evening)
posted by Warehouse41Ant on 2/10/2009

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I took up biking in 2003 after 3 major hip surgeries. My orthopedic surgeon highly suggested I stop running and start cycling. I grew up in the country and we rode horses, not bikes so I knew this was going to be a challenge. My first bike I bought was a comfort bike with a bike rack for my car because 3 miles was way too far to ride to get to the bike path. I found quite a bit of enjoyment the first year riding, but wanted a bike that I could go faster and further on so in 2004 I purchased my LeMond road bike. I bike with FastEduardo every morning doing at least 24 miles. I try to bike again at night putting in another 15-20. We try to beat our fastest time each time we ride so every ride is a time trial. I'd love to live somewhere you can bike year round, but with our cold Nebraska winters we do good to get in one or two rides a month Dec.- March.  
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