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Yes that was me.... I had just ridden up to the top of Oak Creek Pass and was heading back...were you setting at the intersection to my right as I was heading west? In the corner of my Eye I saw a car with a Mtn Bike on the back.... I was thinking about something else at the time, but in the back of my mind wondered if that was you.....

posted by BikeBum on 3/4/2008

hey whens our next event?
posted by LiveWire on 3/4/2008

2009 Access XCL 9.9
Hardtail XC 29er Mtn bike

Lifetime Odometer: 279.0 miles

click to enlarge 2003 Cannondale Scalpel
Full Susp XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 6,617.8 miles

click to enlarge 1984 Colnago Master Olympic
Road bike
Description:  9 Speed Campagnolo

Lifetime Odometer: 7,107.5 miles

KHS Tandemania Comp
Tandem Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 9.0 miles
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