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Dave and Jane, You guys are poetry in motion on the tandem! Thanks for letting me draft and get a personal best for the century. You are a great couple and it was great riding w/you. I hope we get to do it again real soon! But Dave, really you need to take a little time off, rest the legs. (and let me catch up in our milage race!)
posted by momof4greatkids on 4/2/2007

Good seeing you and your wife at TOSRV! You were the only BikeJournalist that I saw! Keep racking up those miles on the tandem.
posted by philbike on 5/14/2007

My spouse and I have enjoyed visiting with the Duerks' at Reunion 2006 and 2007. These folks define the term "synchronized" when it comes to tandem riding. They make it look so easy. The 80-mile Four Falls Tour ride at Reunion 2007 ended with a 3-mile climb of 5% to 10% grade, these folks stroked up that hill like they were out for a Sunday morning spin around the block. Amazing. Plus during the ride they were always looking around to help others and provide navigation assistance. Small wonder that they were awarded the Z-Cup (Best Randonnering Spirit) for Reunion 2007. Plus, now that they have the Z-Cup for a year, they will have to come to Reunion 2008 to pass on the Z-Cup. I hope that Pat and I can make it over to NW Ohio for a ride on their home turf.
posted by GTDBike on 6/14/2007

I had chance to meet Dave and Jane at RU07. Very few times you encounter people and immediatly know that they could be close and personal friends. This was the case with the Duerks. They are nice and friendly bikers. My personal souvenir will be to draft their tandem in June 07 and see Dave grab Jane's hand with tender from time to time. Hey, I love you both !
posted by AndreHamel on 6/26/2007

It was good to meet merckxduerks at the Hilly. Hopefully see you again, maybe next year.
posted by jkpops on 10/16/2007

Dave and Jane make a great couple! They know each other so well, it's no wonder they ride that tandem so smoothly. I really like the fact that Dave tends to take 20 minute pulls at the front too, nice. Plus if you've forgotten anything from home for the trip, chances are they have an extra one with them, he must have been a Boy Scout.
posted by JohnnyD on 1/27/2008

Dave and Jane, had a great time drafting and chatting along the rides in Colorado. Hopefully we can ride again sometime in the future!
posted by BadgerLand on 8/6/2008

My first time riding "with" the Merckxduerks's was at BJRU06, where they basically hauled a totally exhausted Slow_Moe into the barn on a VERY hot & humid day, all the while they were cheerfully conversing and encouraging the rest of us. Once again at BJRU08 I was lucky enough to have their company and words cannot describe the good vibes this couple emits! Great BJ.comrades and I hope to ride with them again real soon!!!
posted by Slow_Moe on 8/16/2008

Thanks for the "Howdy". I almost missed it. I guess that's a new feature or I never had a comment before. Anyway, I think it would be great if we could get together for a ride. If you are ever in the area around New Carlisle, or even close, let me know.
Ps. My name is Steve. Not being really creative, I made my signon skottmyer for Steve Kottmyer

posted by S_Kottmyer on 9/8/2008

WOW, from you're profile, it looks like you are a serious rider!
Nice meeting you also, thanks for the kind comments! My kids are the reason I made the change. 2 boys, 13 and 9 and I am looking forward to riding with them and my grandkids! We made the 100 yesterday, even with that little headwind out of Carey! Great ride, we'll be back next year! If you are ever interested in riding down here, let me know! I see you are planning on doing the "Hilly" maybe I'll try that one next year after I do TOSRV!
Ride Safe!
Freakzilla! (now you get the nickname)
Small world...
SKottmyer is the guy who got me riding a bike!
We started a ride group together, every Tuesday and Thursday!

posted by freakzilla on 9/8/2008

Better get riding! I've got 1300 miles on you this year already! Hows that for some motivation.....
posted by lowracervk2 on 4/20/2012

I wanted to thank you for the push this year. You have gotten some very good miles in this year as you did last and you inspired me to push on. I rode this past Saturday by myself. It was rainy, windy, and cold and I was the only one that showed up for our weekly ride outside. Well, thanks to people like you who don't quit, I told myself to go on. I rode to Mechanicsburg and back and got in 46 miles. Keep on bikin' and pushing me! Be safe.
posted by AndyS on 12/3/2012

Thanks!I have been layed off work for awhile,going back soon.I had gout issues the last few years but am feeling alot better since the Doctor helped with medicine and such.I got some miles but not as many as you do!I wish I could be a little bit faster.I just like to cruise along and enjoy the sights I guess.The place I work at has been slow the last few years....33 years there.You must have turned 60?Did not see yu in 50-59 group.I am not real far behind...56.Don't worry about me passing yu in miles,lol.Have fun and take care!
posted by sharpy on 5/3/2013

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2012, my 40th YEAR(of riding), single (road) , tandem, commuting, some touring, Rails to Trails. Best ride of 2008 was: Hilly Hundred. Commuted to work for 30 + years, as weather allowed.
Love the mountains for climbing, got to do Ride the Rockies in 2006.
GOING RACING for 2009-12. We are starting a local team, "Team Defiance". See you on the road.... 
2013 Raleigh Renenio2
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 464.9 miles

click to enlarge 2010 Raleigh TEAM Frame
Road bike
Description:  Raleigh TEAM frame with Sram Force shifting / levers, drivetrain.FSA crank, FSA componets, ZIPP 404 Wheels!!

Lifetime Odometer: 3,478.1 miles

700 x 23C Michelin , front, 1,791 miles
SRAM  10 speed, 3,009 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Raleigh Route 24
Road bike
Description:  New Bike !! for commuting. Fixed up with rack, fenders, lights. to be used for 4 mile round trip commute, 9 months of the year - steady, and 3 months when weather allows

Lifetime Odometer: 6,002.5 miles

click to enlarge 2005 Serotta Concours CS
Road bike
Description:  Custom Ti with Carbon Stays & Fork...Saphire Blue, silver Ultegra componets, Mavic Krysium Wheels... WOW what a bike, so smooth and responsive !!
I'll ride this one untill......

Lifetime Odometer: 18,096.0 miles

700 x 23C Michelin Pro 3, front, 5,635 miles
700 x 23C Michelin Pro 3, rear, 5,635 miles
Shimano  10 speed, 13,176 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Klein Quantum
Road bike
Description:  My budget race bike for 09. EBAY !!
YES, I'm going racing !! Shimano 105 components, Rolf Wheelset, AL frame with Carbon fork. Paint looks Great, Ride is good with quick sprint response.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,375.6 miles

click to enlarge 1992 Trek Double Trek
Tandem Road bike
Description:  Double Trouble, Purple, Ritchy cranks, Sachs shifters, Great road tandem...Some handlebar updates completed Nov. 2006. We're having a blast!!!

Lifetime Odometer: 18,458.4 miles

700 x 28C Continental , front, 1,907 miles
700 x 28C Continental , rear, 1,907 miles
SRAM  8 speed, 698 miles

click to enlarge 1980 Schwinn voyager 11.8
Road bike
Description:  commuter bike, also the bike that 'took' me to Wash DC around 1982, retired 3/2/2007 after many years and miles ! ! !

Lifetime Odometer: 14,245.4 miles

click to enlarge 1975 MKM 
Road bike
Description:  classic road bike from the 70's, 12 speed, has been along on most of my rides since 1975, and that is a lot of miles... semi retired 2005, now serves as the "iffy" weather bike

Lifetime Odometer: 30,459.7 miles
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