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Baranavichy, Russia
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Hi, Olga!
What a surprise!
I am from Minsk! My name is Boris. BJ name Pofig. That is also my stile.
Are you riding on a foldable Minsk? That a terrible heavy bike! I rode on this 20years ago, but still remember how hard it was.
My wife, Maya got friend in Baranovichi, Elena Michnovich (before marriage). She is an Artist. By the any chance can you find her and say hello and give my contact? We lost her! ;(
Keep riding! You my hero! For me it cold right now even in Miami, were I live for last 13 years!

posted by Pofig on 2/12/2006

Wow! I assume there is a lot of snow in Baranavichi and Minsk. And cold. 200km is hard for me to ride in the summer time on my nice hybrid bike. Amazing that you ride it on your foldable in winter! Congratulations. At weather conditions like this it takes me about 6 hours to ride just 100km. Keep up the good work! I would like to do some light touring in Byelorussia this upcoming summer if I can get a visa, Minsk is only 200km from Vilnius, where I live.
posted by ly2kw on 2/15/2006

Cool ! Are you getting any rides in these days?
posted by GeeWizMan on 3/31/2006

belarus is listed as a country now - take a look !!
posted by OC on 1/4/2008

....and I have a pet bagel named Olga.
posted by Sagebum on 10/11/2010

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I am always travel by bicycle. I do not own car. I am 52 years. I use bicycle for shopping and for visit my grandchildren in Minsk. From Baranavichy to Minsk is distance of 200 km.
Location of Baranavichy is not Russia, location is Belarus. To enter country of Belarus is not possible in bikejournal.
Я езжу на велосипеде даже тогда , когда на улице -20! Не боюсь я холодов как нежные ленивые американцы! А в случае очень сильных морозов нужно добавить в бутылку с водой водки , чтобы вода не замерзала.
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26" Comfort bike
Description:  very reliable

Lifetime Odometer: 2.0 km
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