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That was me chatting with you going into solvang...you motor...no doubt!
posted by LiveWire on 3/20/2006

What a guy! Rand is fun to have breakfast with, but I can't say I've ridden with him - maybe one of these days... Hubba!
posted by maillotpois on 5/18/2006

TeamOxy will have 30 or 40 cyclists participating in the Volvo Best Buddies Challenge in October from Carmel to Hearst Castle. If you're considering participating in this ride we'd love to have you ride with us. CAtransplant

posted by CAtransplant on 7/23/2006

where have you been!!!!! gapchic
posted by gapchic on 4/22/2007

Good to see you back on the road! Hubba!
bike bob/just bob

posted by bikebob on 1/28/2008

Nice to see your name back in the top 5 on BJ. Glad you're riding and posting again. We miss you here on the West Coast, hope you like it on the East coast? Will you be back here for any events this year?

posted by blackrush on 4/26/2008

you da man
posted by jjonline on 7/26/2008

randi, you are a very special cyclist and extremely gifted. i enjoy reading your website about your rides. i am bill whitener in rome, ga. i competed for the high mileage in 2005, cycling5500. but now i am known as billwhitener on bike journal. if you are ever riding on the east side of the usa, look us up, you have a lot of fans here.
posted by billwhitener on 8/25/2008

look who's on top again! Hubba Hubba!
posted by startle on 9/2/2008

You're an animal and I'm impressed. Great reading. Tell me, how old are you? I just got into cycling at age 60. Am now 63 and still enjoying the hell out of it.

posted by Bill60 on 9/2/2008

You should sign up as a premier member since you are number 1!
posted by CAVUDAZ on 9/18/2008

Congratulations on the miles you've ridden. I thought that I was putting some big miles each year touring but you've got me beat. Cranking out around 160,000 miles in I guess almost 6 years surely beats the 187,000 miles I've done in the last 15 years.
posted by CyclingRev on 9/20/2008

quit being cheap, sign up for the premier membership, you are top 5!
posted by Stuballz on 9/30/2008

Your picture popped up on the BJ home page for me tonight. We miss riding with you out here in Oregon!
posted by kirkej on 7/4/2013

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Long distance races and time trials. Put over 21,000 miles last year and about 112,000iles the four years before that. The previous four years riding were nine months , then take the winter off. Now I ride fewer miles but year round, is quite a bit easier even though you have to learn how to stay warm in all weather conditions. Isn't anything better than good friends, dry weather and a fun ride with hot coffee thrown in somewhere. On the flip flop is the zen of riding alone, it is a constant amazement to me how far things seem when you take a car.

Over 21,000 miles in 2005, over 28,000 miles per year the eight years before that. Am starting to cut back on the miles but still like to ride enough to feel strong....

Still hold records for

Canonball Race
S2S Race
Oregon State Time Trial
Bakersfield TT
Vancouver TT
RAO (Four Person Team)


click to enlarge 2003 Easy Racers GRR
Road bike
Description:  Made by Easy Racer in California, this replica Goldrush (GRR) of the first bike to go over 60 mph and now hanging in the Smithsonian has an aluminum frame, FSA Team Issue Triple carbonfiber crank (53-39-30), Shimano XTR 960 shifters/brakes, XTR rear derailluer, XTR rear brake, Dura Ace front brake, Carbonfiber front fairing, (3) R 89 SRAM chains, wheels built on XTR hubs, Dura Ace rear cassette (11-23), cobra carbonfiber seat, Ultegra front derailluer.

Lifetime Odometer: 49,101.0 miles
No planned events for 2019

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